How the Hell Do You Spell Aerial

How the Hell Do You Win a Listing Presentation?

Every day, the library of listing tools becomes more and more cluttered and confusing.
Single property websites, virtual tours, 3D floor plans, dollhouse tours, drone videos,
aerial photography, and now Interactive Aerial Panoramas!!!
With so many options, which do you choose to set you and your listing apart from others?

To answer that, we need to look at the audience. For years, the first place buyers go when interested in a property is Google maps, satellite view, and for good reason. Satellite imaging provides an unfiltered look at every property in the country. The buyer can easily investigate the subject property and all the adjoining areas, navigating at will (zooming in/out, panning left/right). They can easily see the proximity to nearby lakes, rivers, roads, schools, shopping centers. It’s virtually endless. The primary drawback being satellite imaging is very low resolution and often outdated.

In an attempt to address the problem, agents began offering drone videos providing high definition, 4k resolution with fantastic visual appeal. Experienced editors can create dramatic, visual experiences, usually along with eye-popping pricing. The major issue is the lack of user interaction with videos. Users can either go forward/back or pause and videos have low replay value, meaning they are only viewed a few times (except the users are in it the video!!!).

Buyers aren’t just interested in the quality of the image. They want the control and interactivity that Google satellite imaging provided for them.

How do you Bridge the Gap?
Where do you go to get Immersive (navigate everywhere)
Aerial High-Quality Imaging?

If Google has the interaction and drone videos have the appeal, Interactive Aerial Panoramas are the best of both worlds. A product of advancing imaging technology, and one that many have trouble spelling, aerial panoramas are rapidly becoming the go-to digital marketing tool for your listings.


Who do you contact for more information?

Known for being real estate’s largest provider of Single Property Websites and Virtual Tours, Property Panorama has leveraged their stitching technology to virtually automate the process. Partnering with a network of over 60k licensed and insured drone pilots, Property Panorama is able to have a pilot on-site within 48-72 hours of an order being placed. As long as the weather cooperates and the FAA doesn’t throw any red flags, you can have high resolution, fully interactive Aerial Panoramas at your fingertips faster than you could have ever imagined, at a fraction of the cost!

Property Panorama offers the base package for only $199.99

(1 Aerial Panorama + 4 Aerial Photos)


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