Targeting Simplified

As digital advertisers, we speak A LOT about targeting, and sometimes (all the time) it gets too technical. I mean really, does everyone need to know how it’s made, or does it just need to work? In this short article, we want to try and simplify things so it’s easier to understand.

What are the main types of audience targeting used by digital advertisers? Geographic Targeting and Behavioral Targeting.

Geographic Targeting (aka Geo-fencing) The area your ad will be seen

Simply put, where do you want your ads to be seen? The map above shows a 15 mile radius around an address, which is great if you are advertising a listing. Everyone within that circle that is interested in Real Estate will see your ad. The next obvious question is “How do you know if they’re interested in buying or selling a home?” Great question…keep reading about Behavioral Targeting.

Behavioral Targeting

Who do you want to see your ad? You have told us where you want your ads to show, now we need to identify who should see them. We use search history and visited websites as the main sources to find the people you want your brand in front of, people who are interested in buying a home!. This really is the most important part of the entire process. You want your brand in front of the lowest hanging fruit, and digital advertising is the most flexible and adaptive method possible.

Missed Opportunities If You Only Advertise On Facebook

I have attended many Real Estate conferences and workshops, and I walk around and ask Agents, “Do you utilize digital advertising within your marketing strategy?” The overwhelming answer I get is “yes…I do Facebook”.

I think it’s great that you use Facebook and I am not trying to get you to mosey completely away from it, but I would like to ask you a question..

What opportunities are you missing by only advertising on Facebook?

The internet is a vast place and people travel all throughout it whether they are on their computer, phone, tablet, web browser, app, or Facebook. The digital world is more than Facebook, and your digital footprint should reach far and wide to own your piece of the universe.

Don’t you think it would be better if you joined forces with the rest of the world wide web?


And thousands more???

What I am getting at here is, interacting with clients and promoting yourself on Facebook is great, but what’s more impactful is when they log off, and are online, on maybe CNN and also see you there. This drives home the point that you are an expert in your field and should be hired when it comes time to buy or sell a home.

Don’t get stuck in the trap of only pulling one lever to market yourself. Pulling multiple levers a little will get you seen in more places, and more often, which all reinforces the fact that you are the go to person in your market.

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