BOOST Digital Advertising Continues to Gain Momentum

In just under 8 months since the initial launch date, BOOST Digital Advertising has taken the industry by storm. Boasting some of the highest clickthrough rates in the industry, BOOST has proven itself more effective, affordable, and simple to use than the other solutions on the market.

Leveraging Property Panorama’s 230+ MLS integrations, BOOST is able to fully automate the creation and distribution of display advertising campaigns for Agents and their listings. For users, this lowers the bar to entry and provides features previously only available to Broker-level integrations. Whether the goal is to advertise locally, statewide, or launch a national campaign, BOOST gives Agents the ability to easily place themselves and their listings in front of buyers where they spend the most of their time, on the internet and social media.

As BOOST continues to gain popularity with Agents, it has also caught the attention of the industry leaders. Earlier this year, at NAR in San Francisco, we gave RE Technology an inside look at BOOST as it was preparing for the final stages of release. Since then, the product has been continuously fine tuned and improved upon to provide the best results and experience for the Agents.

This week, RE Technology released their review of BOOST and how it has fared since the preview in San Francisco. Click the button below to read the full article and learn about the new standard in automated digital advertising.

Targeting Simplified

As digital advertisers, we speak A LOT about targeting, and sometimes (all the time) it gets too technical. I mean really, does everyone need to know how it’s made, or does it just need to work? In this short article, we want to try and simplify things so it’s easier to understand.

What are the main types of audience targeting used by digital advertisers? Geographic Targeting and Behavioral Targeting.

Geographic Targeting (aka Geo-fencing) The area your ad will be seen

Simply put, where do you want your ads to be seen? The map above shows a 15 mile radius around an address, which is great if you are advertising a listing. Everyone within that circle that is interested in Real Estate will see your ad. The next obvious question is “How do you know if they’re interested in buying or selling a home?” Great question…keep reading about Behavioral Targeting.

Behavioral Targeting

Who do you want to see your ad? You have told us where you want your ads to show, now we need to identify who should see them. We use search history and visited websites as the main sources to find the people you want your brand in front of, people who are interested in buying a home!. This really is the most important part of the entire process. You want your brand in front of the lowest hanging fruit, and digital advertising is the most flexible and adaptive method possible.

Missed Opportunities If You Only Advertise On Facebook

I have attended many Real Estate conferences and workshops, and I walk around and ask Agents, “Do you utilize digital advertising within your marketing strategy?” The overwhelming answer I get is “yes…I do Facebook”.

I think it’s great that you use Facebook and I am not trying to get you to mosey completely away from it, but I would like to ask you a question..

What opportunities are you missing by only advertising on Facebook?

The internet is a vast place and people travel all throughout it whether they are on their computer, phone, tablet, web browser, app, or Facebook. The digital world is more than Facebook, and your digital footprint should reach far and wide to own your piece of the universe.

Don’t you think it would be better if you joined forces with the rest of the world wide web?


And thousands more???

What I am getting at here is, interacting with clients and promoting yourself on Facebook is great, but what’s more impactful is when they log off, and are online, on maybe CNN and also see you there. This drives home the point that you are an expert in your field and should be hired when it comes time to buy or sell a home.

Don’t get stuck in the trap of only pulling one lever to market yourself. Pulling multiple levers a little will get you seen in more places, and more often, which all reinforces the fact that you are the go to person in your market.

Click the image below to learn more about how BOOST can diversify your marketing, grow your network, and help establish you as an expert in your field!

Selling Virtually

The buzz words, created as a result of this pandemic are Virtual Open House! The industry has been working hard these past several weeks to frame this idea and mold it in a way that suits the industry. The solutions by others that have been put in place are stuck in the mindset of an actual open house, instead of what it is and what it should be…..VIRTUAL!

Property Panorama has taken the time to rethink about what it takes to sell a property in a virtual environment. With our new technologies, REALTORS and their clients have the best chance of selling a property in a virtual world.

Ask yourself a question….In a virtual world, why do you need a date and time to show a house?

The answer is you don’t!! With the right technologies, property can be open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Potential buyers can walk through the house while sitting on their couch, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, you get the idea. And, they can contact you at their leisure to get their questions answered. The point is to remove the walls of an Open House and make them available anytime, anywhere.

A Virtual Open House is not meant to be like a regular open house on Sunday from 2-4PM. This is a time of extending whatever convenience you can to buyers to help your clients sell their most valuable asset. Use the most advanced analytics from BOOST Digital Advertising, you will drive interested buyers to your InstaView tour to sell 24/7 and impress sellers with your innovative approach to selling their house.


To learn more about InstaView, check out our Pro Tips video series for up to date information and tutorials. If you are interested in the ALL NEW Property Panorama Virtual Open House, click the link to learn how we combined InstaView with BOOST Digital Advertising to grow and improve your digital presence with 3-5 times better click through rates and thousands of views per day!

InstaView Pro Tips:

Virtual Open House:


Take Advantage of Property Panorama’s Automated Virtual Open House

Property Panoramas Virtual Open House product was introduced a little over a week ago, and has been a powerful tool during these unprecedented times facing our nation. Agents, and Brokerages all across the country are realizing the impact the Property Panorama Virtual Open House can have in advertising and showcasing their clients homes without physically being there.

The unique products combined that make up the Virtual Open House are, the Instaview Tour and BOOST Digital Advertising. Together, these supply the agent with all the tools needed to effectively show a house.

InstaView Advantages

  • Listing Data and Photos of the house pulled directly from the MLS
  • Updated every hour, 24/7
  • Branded with your contact information, profile image, and logo
  • Follow this Listing Feature alerts you when someone is interested
  • Additional Media Resources – Add ANY media you have to the Tour, like 3D-Floor Plans, Matterport, Drone Videos, Aerial Panoramas, or Facebook Live links

BOOST Digital Advertising provides the eyes on the property that are needed to round out the product. Using our advanced analytics and only showing the ads to people interested in buying a home in the area, BOOST is proven to drive 3-5 better click-through rates than the industry average.

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What are people saying?

“Thats fantastic! … This is a lot of value, thank you for being this creative. … Looks like this may be easier than many platforms” – Rosie

“Thank you Great Class” – Nannarie

Virtual Open House

There are a lot of companies out their talking about Virtual Open Houses, and how their product can deliver on that. This article is going to talk about how you need to be careful when considering which product to use.

Most of these products can display your property, and maybe have a nice presentation to show your pictures or video of the product. The problem with the majority of products, is they are incomplete. They are only supplying you with a singular piece of the puzzle. How are you supposed to promote the property? Send it out to thousands of websites, social media outlets, YouTube?

Property Panorama’s Virtual Open House including InstaView and BOOST Digital Advertising does everything needed to have a true virtual open house. We build out a fantastic looking presentation that has a property follow feature, and get in touch now form for lead management, mortgage calculator, along with a YouTube ready video that can be posted across all your social media. Of course you can’t have a good open house without people. BOOST Digital Advertising brings the people to help sell the house. BOOST strategically targets within the listing area to people that are actively looking to buy a home.

This is a stressful and unique time in all our lives, so let the marketing of yourself and your listings be stress free. Make sure the Virtual Open House product you choose can do everything that the Property Panorama Virtual Open House can do before you choose to buy.

I guarantee you that you won’t find a better partner, product, or price anywhere on the market.

Check out out Virtual Open House video