Ad Frequency Matters on Facebook

It’s not just that your audience sees your ad, it’s that they see it multiple times

The first time someone sees an ad, chances are they’ll scroll right past it. They might pause if the image or text catches their eye, but taking action after the first impression is not very common. However, if your images were interesting enough or the leading features caught their attention, the ad will stick in their mind. They might regret not clicking to learn more that first time.

But going back and endlessly scrolling to find that one ad you liked isn’t very easy. The ad was served, and they’re already likely seeing other ads on Facebook. They regret not taking action, and you regret not making it easy for them to see your ad again.

Ad frequency helps performance

Beyond those who regret not clicking the first time they saw your ad, ad frequency also helps those who are unsure if they’re really interested enough to learn more. The more someone is exposed to something they are even a little interested in, the more likely they are to take action.

Frequency helps things stay in our minds better, which is why in school repetition is a commonly used tool for memorizing formulas, vocabulary words, and more. When someone is scrolling through Facebook and has seen your ad a few times, they’re more likely to decide to click to learn more. By being exposed to it multiple times, it’s stuck in their head and they are more likely to get to a point where they’re just too curious to resist clicking. Those increased clicks help your ad perform better, and help you pull in additional leads who will want to learn more and possibly view the property.

Increase your ad frequency easily with BOOST+

Upping your ad frequency is an easy way to increase performance, and best of all, it doesn’t require additional work on your part. With BOOST, your ads are already on Facebook so it’s a simple matter of stepping up your advertising exposure by using BOOST+.

Keeping your listings top of mind leads to better performance and more opportunities for you. Try BOOST+ and see the difference higher ad frequency can make.