What is Display Advertising???

Digital advertising covers such a wide array of marketing tactics that things can get confusing. Let’s focus our attention on Display Advertising, the most cost-effective way of branding yourself and helping to sell a listing.  As a Real Estate Professional, your clients will love that you’re advertising their house on the internet and that it could be seen on sites like CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, Yahoo, and thousands more. Shameless plug alert….At BOOST, we include Facebook with every purchase for both listing and agent campaigns.

Let us get back to what Display Advertising is. Also known as banner advertisements, these are the ads you see on websites, apps, and articles that you go to every day. Display ads can be seen on all devices.

Some examples of these ads are:

Horizontal Ad – This is only a desktop/laptop ad

Horizontal Banner (1)

Vertical Ad – This is only a desktop/laptop ad

Vertical Banner (1)

Square Ad – This is the most versatile ad of them all. This can be shown across all devices. You can see it like this on your desktop/laptop or tablet devices.

Square Ad (1)

Or like this on your phone

Mobile Square (1)

Another popular mobile ad looks like…

Mobile Small Banner (1)

Unlike the other guys, we don’t charge you for desktop and mobile ads separately. So with each of your ad campaigns, you automatically receive all ad sizes you see above when working with BOOST. We do this because you can’t have a 100% successful coverage campaign without including Desktop, mobile, and Facebook within your display advertising strategy.

You may be asking yourself “why should I include display advertising within my marketing strategy?” Before 1994 when display advertising was invented, the most common forms of advertising were mailers, billboards, magazines, and newspapers. You would use these methods because that is where people were spending their time.

Well, times have changed! People are spending almost 7 hours per day on the internet. Let’s say that again…


So, here is a better question you should be asking yourself.


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BOOST Digital Advertising Launches for All 220 Property Panorama MLSs

For months, the Property Panorama Team has been working hand in hand with
My Digital Advertising(MDA) to bring the all new BOOST Digital Advertising to our membership.

This past week, BOOST was officially launched for the final 15 MLSs, marking the completion of the initial release and the full launch for all 220 Property Panorama MLS Partners!

Going forward, all Property Panorama and InstaView members will have the ability to digitally advertise themselves and their listings across the most popular sites on the web and social media! Thanks to our friends and partners at MDA, BOOST is backed by experience, analytics, and advanced targeting that is proven to give 3 to 5 times higher click through rates than the industry average, at LOWER PRICES!

Speaking of lower prices, for a limited time, all BOOST campaigns include an additional week of advertising FREE OF CHARGE! Don’t miss out, start your campaign today for ONLY $54.99!

To learn more about BOOST and take advantage of the FREE ADDITIONAL WEEK, click the image below and start promoting yourself, your listings, and your brand better than ever before!

If you have any questions, BOOST Support is available
Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
PHONE: 440-290-2200 ext 2
EMAIL: BOOSTSupport@propertypanorama.com