The housing market is coming out of hibernation: Make sure you’re ready for it

You want to make sure you kickoff your selling season strong, so while there’s still time left, go through this checklist so you can spend more time with clients and less time getting your business in order.

  1. Make sure your information is up to date – This might sound like an obvious one, but it’s easy to overlook changes in phone numbers, suite numbers, and other details when business is slow. Do an audit of every place your contact information is listed and make sure it is accurate. Check your Facebook page, Instagram profile, personal website, and your page with your brokerage. Just 1 mismatching contact detail can cause confusion and make someone hesitate to reach out to you.
  2. Check your headshot to ensure it is accurate to how you look today – Having an updated headshot makes it easy for clients to spot you in a crowded open house. It can be unsettling to wander aimlessly, awkwardly staring at strangers trying to figure out which is the stranger you’re supposed to meet. With an updated headshot to reference, you help eliminate some of the stress and put your clients more at ease.
  3. Brush up your photography skills – Clicking on a promising listing only to see blurry, upside down pictures is a big turnoff to potential clients. You want pictures to make a strong first impression and entice people to reach out to see the property themselves. The best listing might get no response if audiences can’t properly see what it looks like.
  4. Have an advertising plan for the year – Before your listings start increasing, take the time to come up with an advertising plan for the year. Reflect on things that worked, and didn’t work, from the previous year and adjust your advertising budget accordingly. You should also refamiliarize yourself with the BOOST platform, so when your listings start coming in, you won’t have to waste time remembering how to launch new campaigns. BOOST makes it easy to advertise your listings, and even when you close on listings faster than you anticipate, remember BOOST lets you quickly shift those “for sale” ads to “just sold” to show your audience your skill at moving properties quickly.