Don’t Underestimate the Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social media site in the United States

While other social media sites rise and fall in popularity, Facebook has proven to have staying power since it first launched in 2004. Regardless of the reasons why, the fact is that Facebook is a powerful tool to have in your advertising mix. If you want the best chances of getting your ads in front of your ideal target audience, you need to be advertising on Facebook.

Even if you yourself don’t place much value on the social media platform, it doesn’t mean that others don’t. It is a popular gathering site for family news, birth announcements, recipe sharing, book clubs – on and on it goes. Since so many people already spend time scrolling through posts, you miss out on a chance to reach your target audience by not advertising on social media.

Is it worth it if you don’t use Facebook to promote your business?

It’s absolutely worth it, even if the last time you posted to your business page was months ago. Of course, keeping an active social media presence only serves to benefit your brand awareness, but you don’t need to be actively posting in order to take advantage of advertising on Facebook.

Your Facebook ads will promote your business page, so do a little page hygiene to make sure your basic contact information and website address is correct before you launch any advertising campaigns. But you can also include links directly to where your listings are, if you’d like to drive traffic there instead.

It’s not complicated to set up ads on Facebook

It isn’t a complicated platform to figure out, but it’s even simpler when you’re already advertising with BOOST.

Facebook ads are always included in BOOST campaigns, and you never have to pay extra for them. Not only do you get the benefit of BOOST’s easy to use platform, it takes the extra work out of setting up Facebook ads. You can feel confident knowing your listings are being shown on the most popular social media site to reach the widest audience with BOOST.