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If you are new to Property Panorama, or maybe even new to the industry, this article is here to help! As one of the leading Real Estate Digital Marketing companies, our mission is simple: connect consumers directly with Agents. To facilitate this, we provide a plethora of digital marketing tools to help our members improve their image, promote their listings, and grow their brand. All while saving time and money.

Where to Start?

For members of our partnered MLSs, the first step is of course to access your account. While the exact path may vary, the majority of our clients can log in by clicking Property Panorama on your MLS dashboard. This will log you in directly to your account without the need for any special usernames or passwords. Easy enough, right? 

Update Your Information and Branding

Once you are in your account, the very first thing you will want to do is validate and update your personal details as needed. The key details to look for are your profile picture, company logo, and contact numbers. Regardless of which products you are using, these are the main elements that clients will be looking at to get a first impression and hopefully contact you about a listing or representing them. 

No Listings, What’s Next?

If you are new to the industry, you probably don’t have any listings yet, and that’s not a problem. For our new Agents and those who are looking to rebuild their inventory, the Agent Profile is going to be your friend, and it couldn’t be easier to manage. In your account, click MY AGENT PROFILE in the left navigation, and you will be taken directly to your editor where you can customize your personal website to your liking. This includes customizing the colors and layout to match your branding, updating your biography, adding testimonials, and linking your other sites and social media to make sure potential clients can find all of your information in one place. Moving forward, once you do have listings available, they will all be displayed on your profile automatically! 

Generate New Business

Whether you have listings or not, you will always want to be sure you are setting yourself up for continued success. To help accomplish this, BOOST Digital Advertising offers Agent Campaigns to advertise you and your business on the web. In a nutshell, BOOST places ads for you as a Real Estate Agent on the most popular sites on the internet, including Facebook. With advanced, industry specific targeting, your ads will be shown to consumers who have shown proven interest in buying and/or selling a property. To get the best results, we recommend running consistent campaigns to establish and maintain your reputation as an expert in your area. To learn more, check out our recent blog on ‘recency bias’ and how BOOST can help you reach your goals faster. 

To create your Agent Campaign, visit the STORE in your Property Panorama account and select BOOST Agent Campaigns. From there, the Ad Builder will guide you through the process of launching your ad.

Once you have listings in your inventory, a lot of new options become available, including both InstaView and BOOST Digital Advertising.

Making your life easier, InstaView is fully automated and updates from your MLS every hour, 24/7. For you, this means that you will never have to worry about updating prices or descriptions everytime you make a change in the MLS. InstaView handles it all. However, there are a number of additional features available to you through our affordable premium and elite packages that can take your marketing to the next level. Some of the key upgraded features are automatic social media syndication, custom branded tours, flyers and postcards, listing videos, turbo text, lead capture, and much more! Visit the STORE in your Property Panorama account and select InstaView to view those plans and see which one best fits your needs.Add more info about your service.

Whether you use the other Property Panorama products or not, BOOST is going to be a great tool for you and your listings. Much like it does for Agent Campaigns, BOOST promotes your to potential buyers on Facebook and the most popular sites on the internet, once again using our advanced targeting to make sure your Ads are reaching clients with proven interest in buying a home. By specifically serving ads to those who we know have started the house-hunting process, your ads become more effective and affordable. As many of the top Agents in the industry will tell you, advertising should be a key component of every one of your marketing plans. 

To get started, choose BOOST Listing Campaigns in the Store, and select which property you would like to promote. From there, the easy to use ad builder will guide you through all of the necessary steps to getting your listing out there for the world to see!

BOOST Digital Advertising
Agent Profile

Increasing your digital footprint is the goal of every professional, regardless of their industry. Property Panorama now provides 100% fully automated personal websites for real estate agents that are members of partnered MLSes. Whether you have listings or not, this is a marketing tool that can be fully customized to suit your needs. From testimonials and biographies to help you gain new clients to hosting your current listing inventory which maintains synchronization with your MLS 24/7, Agent Profile does it all.

To get started, choose My Agent Profile from the left hand menu of your Property Panorama account and start customizing your website today!

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