Digital Marketing and You

Technology in the real estate industry is rapidly growing, providing you with opportunities to market your listings without even getting off your couch! While these tools can save you a vast amount of time, adding something that sets you apart from the crowd and provide you with an advantage over other real estate professionals.

I have outlined a few tips below that can help get the most out of your marketing tools:

  • Don’t use “Default” settings or templates: Even though a marketing tool can look fantastic with the default setting, this makes your product look the same as everyone else who uses those tools. Selecting color schemes that emphasize your company branding or the property’s color pallet can take your marketing materials to the next level!
  • Use Social Media: It is a fantastic networking tool. Facebook alone provides the ability to share to your page, a page you manage (business pages), a group, or an individual, making for an extremely flexible marketing tool, which not only boosts your listings, but also your own personal brand. Instagram, another widely used platform for real estate professionals, allows you to add photos or videos of your listing, all while directing users to your website..
  • Record your own voice overs: While hiring a professional voice actor for a virtual tour isn’t overly expensive, adding your own voice will give a virtual tour a more personal touch, and usually does not take long to accomplish. This gives you the ability to engage with the consumer before they even pick up the phone.
  • Use high resolution photos: This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy the most expensive DSLR camera on the market. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of mid to upper level cell phones now have cameras that are capable of taking photos at 12 megapixels or higher! This gives you the power of having high resolution photos for your listing from the day that it is listed. Even if you are hiring a professional photographer, having higher quality images from day one can be a huge plus for getting your marketing materials started immediately.
  • Drones! Remember, you’re not only selling a house or property, but in many cases, you are also selling the neighborhood! What better way to give a snapshot of the neighborhood than to provide an aerial view from directly above the listing? Several drone marketing tools are available, including still photos, videos and Aerial Panoramas.

In a marketing heavy industry like real estate, knowing ways to utilize modern technology to make your marketing stand out is a great stepping stone on the pathway to success. The best place to start your marketing campaign is checking with your MLS help desk for partnered vendors and preferred products that may already be available for your listings.

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