Virtual Open House

There are a lot of companies out their talking about Virtual Open Houses, and how their product can deliver on that. This article is going to talk about how you need to be careful when considering which product to use.

Most of these products can display your property, and maybe have a nice presentation to show your pictures or video of the product. The problem with the majority of products, is they are incomplete. They are only supplying you with a singular piece of the puzzle. How are you supposed to promote the property? Send it out to thousands of websites, social media outlets, YouTube?

Property Panorama’s Virtual Open House including InstaView and BOOST Digital Advertising does everything needed to have a true virtual open house. We build out a fantastic looking presentation that has a property follow feature, and get in touch now form for lead management, mortgage calculator, along with a YouTube ready video that can be posted across all your social media. Of course you can’t have a good open house without people. BOOST Digital Advertising brings the people to help sell the house. BOOST strategically targets within the listing area to people that are actively looking to buy a home.

This is a stressful and unique time in all our lives, so let the marketing of yourself and your listings be stress free. Make sure the Virtual Open House product you choose can do everything that the Property Panorama Virtual Open House can do before you choose to buy.

I guarantee you that you won’t find a better partner, product, or price anywhere on the market.

Check out out Virtual Open House video

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