This Holiday Season, Advertise Your Listing Where the People are – Social Media

Social media traffic has a 73% spike during the holidays

No one should be surprised that social media traffic skyrockets during the holiday season. Starting in October with Halloween, users are posting pictures of themselves apple picking, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating. The pictures and content just grow from there with people cashing in on the warm sentiments of the holidays to reconnect with old connections and friends. All of that desire to keep in the loop and like a picture of a friend you haven’t spoken to in a year means a higher than usual amount of users are on social media platforms.

With everyone flocking to social media during the holidays, it’s an optimal time to both increase your social media advertising and highlight the sentiments associated with the holidays.

Home for the holidays

Even if a prospective buyer has a home currently, if they are actively engaged in the search process they are certainly picturing how future holidays might play out in a new home. Whether downsizing or expanding, families are likely looking for a place that feels like home – especially around this time of year.

With a little creative photography and description, you’ll be able to help your prospective buyers picture themselves in the listing. A few holiday lights here, a holiday tree there and people will be thinking that maybe they can see themselves putting that return address on their holiday cards.

Since holidays are also top of mind, highlighting the “holiday friendly” traits of your listing can only help you catch the eye of prospective buyers. Maybe there’s a fireplace that is perfect for roasting chestnuts, or a large kitchen with extra space for cooking a turkey with all the fixings. Be sure to highlight these traits. Anyone buying a home wants to see themselves in it 12 months out of the year, but especially this time of year, they want to see happy memories being made.

Since social media spikes so much during the holiday season, take advantage of it to increase your advertising. You’ll reach a wider audience – including those who aren’t frequent social media users. If you aren’t sure how best to take advantage of holiday sentiment, reach out to your experts at BOOST to help you adjust your ad spend and guide you on how best to tailor your ads to the season.

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