Use Your Luxury Listing Images To Reach New Audiences

Luxury images will stand out and catch the eyes of new audiences

Landing a luxury listing is an exciting thing. Such a unique listing means the chance at a high reward for you, but it also means you putting in a little extra work to get it seen by the right audience.

A luxury listing isn’t classified as such just because of the price tag. Along with the higher asking price, the listing comes with any number of features that make it stick out to audiences and make them dream about living in such a space.

A 10-car garage. A waterfall wading pool. Bowling alley in the basement. Whatever it might be, it is guaranteed to have some sort of “wow” effect on viewers. Make them stop and look through your other pictures just to see what else this listing has. Luxury listings, more so than others, have the potential for some truly jaw-dropping images to advertise it.

Advertise on an image-based platform to get more eyes on your luxury images

You work hard to get the images that will stop prospective buyers in their scrolling, so make sure you’re putting them to work. You’ve already got your Facebook ads set, and you’re using Instaview to help you create virtual tours. Now, take your images a step further by putting them on an image-based platform like Instagram.

Unlike other platforms that mix text and images, but lean more heavily towards text, Instagram is a platform meant for sharing images. The more eye-catching and interesting the better.

On platforms like Facebook, images can break up the flow of text posts and see out of sync with the rest of the content someone is scrolling through. But on Instagram, your luxury listing images fit right in with the rest of the content. This makes the ads feel less invasive, working in your favor.

Since they are less invasive, people are more likely to stop and scroll through them. While your luxury listings may be beyond the budget of some of your audience, users of all demographics are on Instagram from athletes, to celebrities, to successful business owners.

Take those images you work so hard to perfectly capture, and put them to work for you by advertising with them on Instagram. You can focus your target audience, and also grow your own clout as someone who gets the sort of listings that are Insta-worthy.