Not As Many People See Your Facebook Posts As You Think

Organic traffic to your page’s posts is low, and getting lower

No one likes to share disappointing news, but the truth is your Facebook posts aren’t getting nearly as many views as you might think. Your Facebook page is absolutely critical for building your brand, engaging with your audiences, and showing your success stories. However, you can’t rely just on posts to promote your listings.

The algorithm Facebook uses to determine who sees your posts has come under a lot of scrutiny in the past few years. In summer of 2021, the popular social media management platform Hootsuite, cited that the average reach of an organic post on a Facebook page hovered around 5.2%. That number had already been declining over the past few years, so there’s a good chance it’s lower now in 2023 than it was in 2021.

Put another way, only 1 out of every 19 fans of your page would see a non-promoted post. When you want as many eyes on your listings as possible, 1 out of 19 just isn’t enough.

Get guaranteed views with Facebook Ads

The content you post on your page, and the ads you run through the ad platform are two entirely separate entities. Your posts, when not promoted, are considered organic so those who do see them more stumble across them than the post intentionally showing up in their feed. Facebook ads, however, are highly targeted and intentionally pushed to individuals who fall within your target audience.

As with most ad platforms, Facebook sells ads based on a promised audience size. While they’ll never promise your ad will result in a sale, they will guarantee your ad will be seen by X number of people who fit your target audience parameters. If you pay for 10,000 impressions – you’re getting 10,000 impressions. That’s a much nicer number than 1 in 19 fans of your page.

If you’re not sure how to start, every BOOST campaign includes Facebook ads automatically. You can rely on the simple-to-use platform to get your ads seen – today.

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