Don’t Overlook Local Marketing to Make a Name for Yourself

You need to market yourself, and your listings

While we are big proponents of digital advertising, there is still great power behind word of mouth marketing. A common first step many prospective buyers or sellers take is asking their friends and family if they know a good agent and can refer them. It helps simplify the daunting task of finding a good agent in a large field of players. Referrals aside, making sure your potential clients have had chances to see or hear your name before can also make a big difference in landing you a new client.

The best way to accomplish that is to make sure you’re focusing on local marketing. You want the audience in your geographic area to have some brand recognition with you. Your competition could be overlooking this and solely focusing on advertising their listings. By promoting yourself to your local audiences, you’re putting your name top of mind for when someone is ready to engage with an agent – already putting you at an advantage over your competition.

What sort of local marketing?

When it comes to local marketing, no effort is too small to make a name for yourself in your market. To start, think of the settings where you’ve recalled seeing local businesses. It could be the benches at bus stops, or maybe a sponsor of a basket raffle. Different efforts will resonate more strongly with your local market, so try polling your current clients and contacts to see what sticks out to them.

If your area is big on sports, sponsoring little league sports or getting a banner placed around a local ice rink could have high visibility for you. Paying to have your logo on the water cups during a local 5k could be exactly what you’re looking for. Think outside the box, but within your budget.

Don’t limit yourself to just the first half of the year. Plan out a strategy for all twelve months based on what’s seasonal and relevant to your local market. Your local marketing plan should consider monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual activities to keep your presence known all year long.

If you find yourself with a lull in local goings-on, BOOST has agent campaigns to market yourself rather than a listing. If you’re already familiar with the BOOST platform for your listings, then it is quick and easy to set up an agent campaign. Just like a listing campaign, you can control the target audience and ad spend for your agent campaigns. While they can be used all year long for a simple, low-cost marketing option, they can be especially useful during lulls or when weather is keeping people indoors and on screens more.

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