Prepare For Busy Season Now With Agent Campaigns

Use the slower winter months to create brand awareness for yourself now

Your listings might slow down this time of year, but that doesn’t mean your advertising should as well. There might be fewer properties to promote, but in their absence, you should be promoting yourself.

Advertising yourself through agent campaigns allows you to build online visibility for selling in the future. You’ll create brand awareness for yourself in your area, which will help you when listings start to pick back up again. During the slow season, prospective clients who are thinking about listing their home but aren’t ready to take action yet, will be in the preliminary stages of research.

It’s during these early stages you want to make sure you’re getting in front of prospective buyers and sellers before they’ve committed to an agent. This is your best opportunity to convince them of why they should choose you and what you can offer them that your competition can’t.

Even if they won’t be ready to make a commitment for a few months yet, by promoting yourself and creating brand awareness, they will remember you from your ads once they are ready to talk to agents. They’ll have seen your name and possibly visited your website a few times, all the while building brand recall.

If your competition isn’t doing the same, you have a distinct advantage over them. Agent campaigns are more of a long-term strategy that will give results once listings pick back up in the warmer months. If your competitors haven’t been promoting themselves the entire slow season, they’ll be having to play catch up once things get busy again.

Of course, you want to still be putting budget towards advertising the listings you are getting. With BOOST’s easy-to-use dashboard, it is easy to quickly update your ads from “for sale” to “just sold.” These also promote your brand and give your prospective audience the information they need to see you actively work hard – all year round.

WIth agent campaigns and “just sold” updates to property listings, BOOST will help keep you at the forefront of your audience’s mind all through the winter months.