Two More MLSs Launch Property Panorama’s InstaView Virtual Tours and Digital Marketing for Their Members

This month, the Savannah Board and Southeast Kansas Association of REALTORS (SEKAR) became the most recent MLSs to provide InstaView for their membership, joining over 220 others who have already done so. InstaView launched for SEKAR on April 6th, while Savannah launched this past Wednesday, April 15th.

During the pandemic facing our country and the world, digital marketing is more important than ever. As a ‘new normal’ begins to emerge, more and more MLSs, Associations, Brokerages, and Offices are looking for ways to help their members succeed in an unfamiliar environment. At Property Panorama, we know that InstaView is the best way to provide an instant, fully automated benefit that not only provides Agents with a digital presence, but does so without them having to lift a finger.

On top of the well known InstaView benefits (Branded and Unbranded Tours, PDF and Virtual Flyers, Just Listed and Just Sold Cards, Social Media Syndication), every Property Panorama member also has access to our latest products, Interactive Aerial Panoramas and BOOST Digital Advertising.

Aerial Panoramas

Utilizing our network of over 60k drone pilots, Aerial Panoramas provide a fully interactive, HD, 360 aerial view of the property and 4 additional aerial photos within ONLY 72 HOURS of ordering! No matter where you are in the country, our team will have a drone pilot on site and an immersive marketing tool in your hands in less than 3 days!

BOOST Digital Advertising and Virtual Open House

Arguably one of the most powerful new products in the Property Panorama suite, BOOST Digital Advertising provides fully automated display advertising campaigns for both Agents and Listings. For the most affordable price in the industry, BOOST will run an automated ad campaign on the most popular website and social media, driving thousands of new viewers to you and your listing EVERY DAY! Thanks to our advanced analytics, BOOST proudly provides 3-5 times better click through rates than the industry average. For those unfamiliar with click-through rates, this means consumers are not only seeing your listings, they are becoming interested in them and visiting your pages to learn more about them!

Although BOOST is powerful on its own, when teamed with InstaView it becomes a complete marketing strategy and what we call the Property Panorama Virtual Open House. With every BOOST Listing Campaign, we now automatically include the Premium InstaView Virtual Tour. InstaView provides the listing and BOOST provides the most important component to any Open House, THE TRAFFIC! With thousands of viewers every day, your open houses will be more successful than ever before.

If you would like to learn more about the Property Panorama Virtual Open House, we are holding another live webinar on Thursday April 23rd @ 1:00 pm EST. Click the link below to register.

Take Advantage of Property Panorama’s Automated Virtual Open House

Property Panoramas Virtual Open House product was introduced a little over a week ago, and has been a powerful tool during these unprecedented times facing our nation. Agents, and Brokerages all across the country are realizing the impact the Property Panorama Virtual Open House can have in advertising and showcasing their clients homes without physically being there.

The unique products combined that make up the Virtual Open House are, the Instaview Tour and BOOST Digital Advertising. Together, these supply the agent with all the tools needed to effectively show a house.

InstaView Advantages

  • Listing Data and Photos of the house pulled directly from the MLS
  • Updated every hour, 24/7
  • Branded with your contact information, profile image, and logo
  • Follow this Listing Feature alerts you when someone is interested
  • Additional Media Resources – Add ANY media you have to the Tour, like 3D-Floor Plans, Matterport, Drone Videos, Aerial Panoramas, or Facebook Live links

BOOST Digital Advertising provides the eyes on the property that are needed to round out the product. Using our advanced analytics and only showing the ads to people interested in buying a home in the area, BOOST is proven to drive 3-5 better click-through rates than the industry average.

Did You Miss Our Last Webinar?

Due to popular demand, we are holding another webinar on Thursday April 23rd @ 1:00 pm EST. Please click the link below to register.

What are people saying?

“Thats fantastic! … This is a lot of value, thank you for being this creative. … Looks like this may be easier than many platforms” – Rosie

“Thank you Great Class” – Nannarie

Virtual Open House

There are a lot of companies out their talking about Virtual Open Houses, and how their product can deliver on that. This article is going to talk about how you need to be careful when considering which product to use.

Most of these products can display your property, and maybe have a nice presentation to show your pictures or video of the product. The problem with the majority of products, is they are incomplete. They are only supplying you with a singular piece of the puzzle. How are you supposed to promote the property? Send it out to thousands of websites, social media outlets, YouTube?

Property Panorama’s Virtual Open House including InstaView and BOOST Digital Advertising does everything needed to have a true virtual open house. We build out a fantastic looking presentation that has a property follow feature, and get in touch now form for lead management, mortgage calculator, along with a YouTube ready video that can be posted across all your social media. Of course you can’t have a good open house without people. BOOST Digital Advertising brings the people to help sell the house. BOOST strategically targets within the listing area to people that are actively looking to buy a home.

This is a stressful and unique time in all our lives, so let the marketing of yourself and your listings be stress free. Make sure the Virtual Open House product you choose can do everything that the Property Panorama Virtual Open House can do before you choose to buy.

I guarantee you that you won’t find a better partner, product, or price anywhere on the market.

Check out out Virtual Open House video

What is Display Advertising???

Digital advertising covers such a wide array of marketing tactics that things can get confusing. Let’s focus our attention on Display Advertising, the most cost-effective way of branding yourself and helping to sell a listing.  As a Real Estate Professional, your clients will love that you’re advertising their house on the internet and that it could be seen on sites like CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, Yahoo, and thousands more. Shameless plug alert….At BOOST, we include Facebook with every purchase for both listing and agent campaigns.

Let us get back to what Display Advertising is. Also known as banner advertisements, these are the ads you see on websites, apps, and articles that you go to every day. Display ads can be seen on all devices.

Some examples of these ads are:

Horizontal Ad – This is only a desktop/laptop ad

Horizontal Banner (1)

Vertical Ad – This is only a desktop/laptop ad

Vertical Banner (1)

Square Ad – This is the most versatile ad of them all. This can be shown across all devices. You can see it like this on your desktop/laptop or tablet devices.

Square Ad (1)

Or like this on your phone

Mobile Square (1)

Another popular mobile ad looks like…

Mobile Small Banner (1)

Unlike the other guys, we don’t charge you for desktop and mobile ads separately. So with each of your ad campaigns, you automatically receive all ad sizes you see above when working with BOOST. We do this because you can’t have a 100% successful coverage campaign without including Desktop, mobile, and Facebook within your display advertising strategy.

You may be asking yourself “why should I include display advertising within my marketing strategy?” Before 1994 when display advertising was invented, the most common forms of advertising were mailers, billboards, magazines, and newspapers. You would use these methods because that is where people were spending their time.

Well, times have changed! People are spending almost 7 hours per day on the internet. Let’s say that again…


So, here is a better question you should be asking yourself.


Check out BOOST Digital Advertising Pro Tips on our YouTube Channel

Laurel Board and North Central Mississippi Launch Property Panorama For Their Members

This week, the Laurel Board of REALTORS and North Central Mississippi REALTORS launched the Property Panorama Marketing Suite for their membership.

This marks the first of many integrations to include InstaView and BOOST from the time of launch, which will be the new standard going forward!

With this launch, members join the other 220
MLSs/Associations receiving InstaView Virtual Tours
and BOOST Digital Advertising for their listings. Of
course, these products provide more than simply Tours and Advertising.

As the world leader in Virtual Tours, InstaView also provides Listing Videos, PDF and Virtual Flyers, Social Media Syndication, Custom Themes, and much more to complete any marketing plan.

Our latest product, BOOST, gives Agents the ability to promote themselves and their listings across the most popular websites AND social media.Teamed with the power of InstaView, Agents and Listings will receive more traffic than ever before, for the lowest price in the industry!

Continuing the momentum, Property Panorama is proud to announce that we will also be launching for the Greater Binghamton Association of Realtors, the Southeast Kansas Association of REALTORS, and the Savannah Board of REALTORS in the coming weeks. Members should keep an eye on your emails for up-to-date information on the launches and special announcements!

To Learn More about InstaView or the ALL NEW BOOST Digital Advertising, click the image below or contact one of our customer service specialists today!

Want Property Panorama for your Board? Contact to learn how you can provide an industry-leading member benefit FREE OF CHARGE!

Our WizKidz are available Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm to assist you at or by calling (440)290-2200 ext. 1.

BOOST Digital Advertising Launches for All 220 Property Panorama MLSs

For months, the Property Panorama Team has been working hand in hand with
My Digital Advertising(MDA) to bring the all new BOOST Digital Advertising to our membership.

This past week, BOOST was officially launched for the final 15 MLSs, marking the completion of the initial release and the full launch for all 220 Property Panorama MLS Partners!

Going forward, all Property Panorama and InstaView members will have the ability to digitally advertise themselves and their listings across the most popular sites on the web and social media! Thanks to our friends and partners at MDA, BOOST is backed by experience, analytics, and advanced targeting that is proven to give 3 to 5 times higher click through rates than the industry average, at LOWER PRICES!

Speaking of lower prices, for a limited time, all BOOST campaigns include an additional week of advertising FREE OF CHARGE! Don’t miss out, start your campaign today for ONLY $54.99!

To learn more about BOOST and take advantage of the FREE ADDITIONAL WEEK, click the image below and start promoting yourself, your listings, and your brand better than ever before!

If you have any questions, BOOST Support is available
Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST
PHONE: 440-290-2200 ext 2