Today Natural Evolution Occurred at Property Panorama, The Aerial Panorama Arrived !!!

Today a Natural Evolution Occurred at Property Panorama.

We lifted ourselves several 100 feet in the air and started producing Aerial Panoramas.

What made today even more exciting is our partnership with BHHS The Preferred Realty, the first Brokerage to launch with us.

While many have been utilizing aerial photography and videos captured utilizing drones to market their properties, these solutions are really a ‘one use medium’. In other words, while one can rewind or fast forward, there is really no other way to interact with them, so most are only viewed once…, maybe twice. Just ask us. Property Panorama is the #1 provider of non-gaming videos to YouTube in the world. We have the statistics to prove this claim.

The Aerial Panorama provides that missing piece of the solution. The Aerial Panorama is an immersible, interactive, fully-responsive image that allows the user to navigate endlessly.

These Aerial Panorama tours can be marketed as a link, included as part of an InstaView single listing website, embedded into web pages, or automatically posted to social media. The interactive aerial panoramas work natively on all mobile and desktop browsers.

As you will quickly see, what Matterport did for the interior of real estate, Property Panorama’s Aerial Panorama does to the exterior…, and more!!!

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Mike Barnett
CEO, Property Panorama



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