New Product Release at CoreLogic Summit in Colorado Springs

Our team is getting ready to travel to the annual CoreLogic User Group Meetings, where we look forward to seeing the majority of our CoreLogic MLSs, all in one spot!!

Kim McLean and her team always put on the best events, and we know 2018 will be no exception. This year they chose the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs.

Although we can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, we have some very exciting news to announce at this year’s event.

What we can tell you is that we are launching a brand new product for our users. For sure, as soon as we are able to, we will post all about it right here first, so make sure to follow our the blog and keep an eye on your email for new articles!

I will leave you with a few clues:
..1. The new product is far above the current product.
..2. I could go round and round telling you about it.
..3. It’s the latest buzz around our office.
..4. The new product includes our name in the title.

Mike and the InstaView Team

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