Breaking the Ice – Launching a Blog

Hello and welcome to Property Panorama’s Blog!!!

Seems the hardest thing for us to do here at Property Panorama is launch our Blog.

Not sure why, but every time we get started, we stop.

We have come up with a dozen reasons, convincing each other why other things must come first. We have to put them (the reasons) behind us as we have a big story to share surrounding the Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of real estate listings.

With InstaView now receiving over 9,000,000 sessions per week, we have the foundation, statistics, and analytics to inform you with the who, what, and where of it all.

Many are already part of our audience of over 606,000 active real estate agents within 185 MLS and Associations using InstaView. We encourage you to participate, ask questions, offer suggestions, and make comments as we move along.

But to do it, to make it all happen, we need the blog, our blog to be released.

So…, we are breaking the ice!!!

What follows will be lots and lots of useful information. Also, the InstaView Blog has a number of links to support videos and documents to assist you.

But, for sure, there will be many gems for which you can choose from as you see fit to help you make sense of marketing your listings in a digital age.

Please join the dialog, comment, and participate!

No one is as smart as everyone.

Now, on with the show!!!

The Property Panorama Team.

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