Property Panorama Elects James Brown III as Company President

The Board of Directors of Property Panorama, the leader in Real Estate Digital Marketing and SEO products and services, unanimously elected James Brown III as company President. The role was previously held by Mike Barnett, the current CEO and Technology Pioneer. James was previously acting as Senior Vice President and is in his 7th year with the company.

“James joined our team as the bookkeeper, and has successfully worn a number of different hats, always with an eye on our accounting, and has continually provided me input on how the company could grow within our means,” says CEO Mike Barnett, “And, for the past 2 years, James has had the responsibility of running Property Panorama on a day-to-day basis. He was filling the role of President, and now he has the well-deserved title. The Board of Directors and I are excited to start this new year with James’ new leadership”, said CEO Mike Barnett.  

Graduating from Cleveland State University, James, an Ohio native, received his Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting. Prior to starting at Property Panorama, James worked as an Accounting and Internal Audit Intern at various companies and firms including RPM International (NYSE: RPM), an American multinational company with subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance specialty coatings, sealants and building materials. “I am excited about the Boards decision and humbled by their confidence in me and my team. I would like to thank our team at Property Panorama for their continued support, and I look forward to taking the helm as we move forward with InstaView and our new Aerial Panoramas” said James.

“This transition is one that the Property Panorama team has been positioning ourselves for the past two years”, said Senior Vice President Colton Slater. “James is a perfect fit. He knows our company, our business, and has the respect of everyone he works with.”

Carl DeMusz, Property Panorama Board Member and CEO of YES-MLS, stated while voting…, “Property Panorama has been a great partner and tenant of ours. For the past several years I have had to reach out to James Brown on many occasions with day to day questions, and all of us find him extremely reliable. It is my pleasure to vote “yes” for James Brown as President of Property Panorama”.



About Property Panorama and InstaView

Property Panorama with over 610,000 active accounts and over 5 million views per week,  is the highest rated and number one provider of online digital marketing, single property websites and SEO services, while maintaining a 99.99% uptime. It is also the leading provider of non-gaming videos to YouTube in the world. Property Panorama supplies totally automated products to REALTORS© through their 190 integrations with multiple listing services, boards, and associations, as well as directly to their independent brokers and leading franchises, including BHHS The Preferred Realty, Realty One, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Century 21, and Coldwell Banker. Property Panorama has been CoreLogic’s provider for over 10 Years, and is also integrated into most MLS vendors, including FLEX MLS, Solid Earth, Black Knight/LPS, Rappatoni, and Navica.

InstaView is a high-quality, HD digital marketing experience and is created automatically and hands-free for it’s users. Since inception 8 years ago, 10,000,000 InstaView Single Property Websites have being created, with a current average monthly active inventory in excess of 600,000, drawing over 500,000 unique visitors per week. Once created, a highly SEO friendly InstaView link is instantly inserted back into the respective MLS database. This link is persistent and never changes throughout the life of the listing. However, throughout all 190 integrations, the data is continually updated, making InstaView one of the most up-to-date content providers for active listings in the world. InstaView’s package includes Branded and Unbranded Single Property Websites, along with a Branded YouTube Video, TurboText, Branded PDF and Virtual Flyers.

Today Natural Evolution Occurred at Property Panorama, The Aerial Panorama Arrived !!!

Today a Natural Evolution Occurred at Property Panorama.

We lifted ourselves several 100 feet in the air and started producing Aerial Panoramas.

What made today even more exciting is our partnership with BHHS The Preferred Realty, the first Brokerage to launch with us.

While many have been utilizing aerial photography and videos captured utilizing drones to market their properties, these solutions are really a ‘one use medium’. In other words, while one can rewind or fast forward, there is really no other way to interact with them, so most are only viewed once…, maybe twice. Just ask us. Property Panorama is the #1 provider of non-gaming videos to YouTube in the world. We have the statistics to prove this claim.

The Aerial Panorama provides that missing piece of the solution. The Aerial Panorama is an immersible, interactive, fully-responsive image that allows the user to navigate endlessly.

These Aerial Panorama tours can be marketed as a link, included as part of an InstaView single listing website, embedded into web pages, or automatically posted to social media. The interactive aerial panoramas work natively on all mobile and desktop browsers.

As you will quickly see, what Matterport did for the interior of real estate, Property Panorama’s Aerial Panorama does to the exterior…, and more!!!

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Mike Barnett
CEO, Property Panorama



New Product Release at CoreLogic Summit in Colorado Springs

Our team is getting ready to travel to the annual CoreLogic User Group Meetings, where we look forward to seeing the majority of our CoreLogic MLSs, all in one spot!!

Kim McLean and her team always put on the best events, and we know 2018 will be no exception. This year they chose the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs.

Although we can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, we have some very exciting news to announce at this year’s event.

What we can tell you is that we are launching a brand new product for our users. For sure, as soon as we are able to, we will post all about it right here first, so make sure to follow our the blog and keep an eye on your email for new articles!

I will leave you with a few clues:
..1. The new product is far above the current product.
..2. I could go round and round telling you about it.
..3. It’s the latest buzz around our office.
..4. The new product includes our name in the title.

Mike and the InstaView Team

Breaking the Ice – Launching a Blog

Hello and welcome to Property Panorama’s Blog!!!

Seems the hardest thing for us to do here at Property Panorama is launch our Blog.

Not sure why, but every time we get started, we stop.

We have come up with a dozen reasons, convincing each other why other things must come first. We have to put them (the reasons) behind us as we have a big story to share surrounding the Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of real estate listings.

With InstaView now receiving over 9,000,000 sessions per week, we have the foundation, statistics, and analytics to inform you with the who, what, and where of it all.

Many are already part of our audience of over 606,000 active real estate agents within 185 MLS and Associations using InstaView. We encourage you to participate, ask questions, offer suggestions, and make comments as we move along.

But to do it, to make it all happen, we need the blog, our blog to be released.

So…, we are breaking the ice!!!

What follows will be lots and lots of useful information. Also, the InstaView Blog has a number of links to support videos and documents to assist you.

But, for sure, there will be many gems for which you can choose from as you see fit to help you make sense of marketing your listings in a digital age.

Please join the dialog, comment, and participate!

No one is as smart as everyone.

Now, on with the show!!!

The Property Panorama Team.