Missed Opportunities If You Only Advertise On Facebook

I have attended many Real Estate conferences and workshops, and I walk around and ask Agents, “Do you utilize digital advertising within your marketing strategy?” The overwhelming answer I get is “yes…I do Facebook”.

I think it’s great that you use Facebook and I am not trying to get you to mosey completely away from it, but I would like to ask you a question..

What opportunities are you missing by only advertising on Facebook?

The internet is a vast place and people travel all throughout it whether they are on their computer, phone, tablet, web browser, app, or Facebook. The digital world is more than Facebook, and your digital footprint should reach far and wide to own your piece of the universe.

Don’t you think it would be better if you joined forces with the rest of the world wide web?


And thousands more???

What I am getting at here is, interacting with clients and promoting yourself on Facebook is great, but what’s more impactful is when they log off, and are online, on maybe CNN and also see you there. This drives home the point that you are an expert in your field and should be hired when it comes time to buy or sell a home.

Don’t get stuck in the trap of only pulling one lever to market yourself. Pulling multiple levers a little will get you seen in more places, and more often, which all reinforces the fact that you are the go to person in your market.

Click the image below to learn more about how BOOST can diversify your marketing, grow your network, and help establish you as an expert in your field!

Take Advantage of Full Automation

Technology has changed so much in just 10 years, and the amount of information that is transmitted from one platform to another can happen in seconds. Property Panorama receives information from your MLS, and uses that information to automatically create products to help you sell properties, and yourself. How do you take advantage of a fully automated marketing system like Property Panorama’s?

The easiest way to achieve the goal of full automation is by making sure your information is 100% up to date. Updating Your profile image and company logo within your Property Panorama account only takes a minute and can save you hours when using our suite of products.

Property Panorama updates directly from your MLS, but if you have a new/updated photo or logo, it’s a good idea to check how it looks within the system.

To learn more, checkout the short Pro Tip video link below on how you can update not only your Profile Picture and Company Logo, but all of your contact info including your office and cell phone numbers. Don’t take the chance of missing that next lead!! Update your info ASAP!!

Profile Set up video – https://www.propertypanorama.com/protips/profile-setup

Selling Virtually

The buzz words, created as a result of this pandemic are Virtual Open House! The industry has been working hard these past several weeks to frame this idea and mold it in a way that suits the industry. The solutions by others that have been put in place are stuck in the mindset of an actual open house, instead of what it is and what it should be…..VIRTUAL!

Property Panorama has taken the time to rethink about what it takes to sell a property in a virtual environment. With our new technologies, REALTORS and their clients have the best chance of selling a property in a virtual world.

Ask yourself a question….In a virtual world, why do you need a date and time to show a house?

The answer is you don’t!! With the right technologies, property can be open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Potential buyers can walk through the house while sitting on their couch, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, you get the idea. And, they can contact you at their leisure to get their questions answered. The point is to remove the walls of an Open House and make them available anytime, anywhere.

A Virtual Open House is not meant to be like a regular open house on Sunday from 2-4PM. This is a time of extending whatever convenience you can to buyers to help your clients sell their most valuable asset. Use the most advanced analytics from BOOST Digital Advertising, you will drive interested buyers to your InstaView tour to sell 24/7 and impress sellers with your innovative approach to selling their house.


To learn more about InstaView, check out our Pro Tips video series for up to date information and tutorials. If you are interested in the ALL NEW Property Panorama Virtual Open House, click the link to learn how we combined InstaView with BOOST Digital Advertising to grow and improve your digital presence with 3-5 times better click through rates and thousands of views per day!

InstaView Pro Tips: www.PropertyPanorama.com/ProTips

Virtual Open House: www.PropertyPanorama.com/Virtual-Open-House



Two More MLSs Add InstaView Virtual Tours and Digital Marketing for Their Members

This morning, the Greater Owensboro REALTOR Association and the Southwest Mississippi Board of REALTORS became the most recent of over 225 MLSs and Associations to provide InstaView for their membership free of charge.

Going forward, every Agent and Listing will have access to the expansive suite of digital marketing products that makes InstaView the industry leader and largest provider of Virtual Tours in the World.

In addition to InstaView, Agents in each board now have access to the all-new BOOST Digital Advertising to promote themselves and their listings on the most popular sites across the web. With the current pandemic, there has never been a better time to enhance your digital presence and build your virtual brand.

Want InstaView for Your Membership?

InstaView is a fully automated digital marketing platform that can be integrated in your MLS in under 30 days at NO COST! That’s right, in less than a month all of your members can receive a free benefit that will start producing results immediately!

Contact our team today to take the first step towards your next member benefit.


Join Our Live Training Session To Learn More

This Tuesday, we will be holding a live webinar explaining the  all-new Virtual Open House product available for all of our members. Click the image below to register for the live event and find out what you’re missing!

Property Panorama Removes Photo Limitations and Set Up Fees To Help Agents and MLSs During Pandemic

As the world settles into the “new normal”, digital marketing has taken center stage for Real Estate Agents. As Agents scramble to enhance their digital presence, expenses can quickly pile up without realizing which products and features are actually helping to promote their listing and their brand.

To help ease the stress, simplify the process, and save Agents money, Property Panorama is now allowing partnered MLSs and Associations to unlock ALL of the MLS photos for every listing on the InstaView Virtual Tours at no cost to the Agent or the MLS. Displaying the first 5 photos by default, Agents would typically need to upgrade to the Enhanced, Premium, or Elite InstaView packages in order for all of the photos to display. During this time, there is simply no need to place an additional barrier between an Agent and improving their marketing.

To activate this free benefit, partnered MLSs can simply contact Property Panorama via phone or email and request to remove the photo limitations.

No More Setup Fees

For MLSs not currently using Property Panorama, all setup fees have been waived for each of the MLS-level offerings. This includes the Free Subscription model that provides an Unbranded Virtual Tour for every listing at NO COST to the MLS or Agent.

Again, to take advantage of this offer, contact Property Panorama to learn more about the packages and see which solutions best fit your needs.

Learn More

To learn more about InstaView, check out our Pro Tips video series for up to date information and tutorials. If you are interested in the ALL NEW Property Panorama Virtual Open House, click the link to learn how we combined InstaView with BOOST Digital Advertising to grow and improve your digital presence with 3-5 times better click through rates and thousands of views per day!

InstaView Pro Tips: www.PropertyPanorama.com/ProTips

Virtual Open House: www.PropertyPanorama.com/Virtual-Open-House

Contact Property Panorama




Two More MLSs Launch Property Panorama’s InstaView Virtual Tours and Digital Marketing for Their Members

This month, the Savannah Board and Southeast Kansas Association of REALTORS (SEKAR) became the most recent MLSs to provide InstaView for their membership, joining over 220 others who have already done so. InstaView launched for SEKAR on April 6th, while Savannah launched this past Wednesday, April 15th.

During the pandemic facing our country and the world, digital marketing is more important than ever. As a ‘new normal’ begins to emerge, more and more MLSs, Associations, Brokerages, and Offices are looking for ways to help their members succeed in an unfamiliar environment. At Property Panorama, we know that InstaView is the best way to provide an instant, fully automated benefit that not only provides Agents with a digital presence, but does so without them having to lift a finger.

On top of the well known InstaView benefits (Branded and Unbranded Tours, PDF and Virtual Flyers, Just Listed and Just Sold Cards, Social Media Syndication), every Property Panorama member also has access to our latest products, Interactive Aerial Panoramas and BOOST Digital Advertising.

Aerial Panoramas

Utilizing our network of over 60k drone pilots, Aerial Panoramas provide a fully interactive, HD, 360 aerial view of the property and 4 additional aerial photos within ONLY 72 HOURS of ordering! No matter where you are in the country, our team will have a drone pilot on site and an immersive marketing tool in your hands in less than 3 days!

BOOST Digital Advertising and Virtual Open House

Arguably one of the most powerful new products in the Property Panorama suite, BOOST Digital Advertising provides fully automated display advertising campaigns for both Agents and Listings. For the most affordable price in the industry, BOOST will run an automated ad campaign on the most popular website and social media, driving thousands of new viewers to you and your listing EVERY DAY! Thanks to our advanced analytics, BOOST proudly provides 3-5 times better click through rates than the industry average. For those unfamiliar with click-through rates, this means consumers are not only seeing your listings, they are becoming interested in them and visiting your pages to learn more about them!

Although BOOST is powerful on its own, when teamed with InstaView it becomes a complete marketing strategy and what we call the Property Panorama Virtual Open House. With every BOOST Listing Campaign, we now automatically include the Premium InstaView Virtual Tour. InstaView provides the listing and BOOST provides the most important component to any Open House, THE TRAFFIC! With thousands of viewers every day, your open houses will be more successful than ever before.

If you would like to learn more about the Property Panorama Virtual Open House, we are holding another live webinar on Thursday April 23rd @ 1:00 pm EST. Click the link below to register.