Property Panorama Removes Photo Limitations and Set Up Fees To Help Agents and MLSs During Pandemic

As the world settles into the “new normal”, digital marketing has taken center stage for Real Estate Agents. As Agents scramble to enhance their digital presence, expenses can quickly pile up without realizing which products and features are actually helping to promote their listing and their brand.

To help ease the stress, simplify the process, and save Agents money, Property Panorama is now allowing partnered MLSs and Associations to unlock ALL of the MLS photos for every listing on the InstaView Virtual Tours at no cost to the Agent or the MLS. Displaying the first 5 photos by default, Agents would typically need to upgrade to the Enhanced, Premium, or Elite InstaView packages in order for all of the photos to display. During this time, there is simply no need to place an additional barrier between an Agent and improving their marketing.

To activate this free benefit, partnered MLSs can simply contact Property Panorama via phone or email and request to remove the photo limitations.

No More Setup Fees

For MLSs not currently using Property Panorama, all setup fees have been waived for each of the MLS-level offerings. This includes the Free Subscription model that provides an Unbranded Virtual Tour for every listing at NO COST to the MLS or Agent.

Again, to take advantage of this offer, contact Property Panorama to learn more about the packages and see which solutions best fit your needs.

Learn More

To learn more about InstaView, check out our Pro Tips video series for up to date information and tutorials. If you are interested in the ALL NEW Property Panorama Virtual Open House, click the link to learn how we combined InstaView with BOOST Digital Advertising to grow and improve your digital presence with 3-5 times better click through rates and thousands of views per day!

InstaView Pro Tips:

Virtual Open House:

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