BOOST Digital Advertising Continues to Gain Momentum

In just under 8 months since the initial launch date, BOOST Digital Advertising has taken the industry by storm. Boasting some of the highest clickthrough rates in the industry, BOOST has proven itself more effective, affordable, and simple to use than the other solutions on the market.

Leveraging Property Panorama’s 230+ MLS integrations, BOOST is able to fully automate the creation and distribution of display advertising campaigns for Agents and their listings. For users, this lowers the bar to entry and provides features previously only available to Broker-level integrations. Whether the goal is to advertise locally, statewide, or launch a national campaign, BOOST gives Agents the ability to easily place themselves and their listings in front of buyers where they spend the most of their time, on the internet and social media.

As BOOST continues to gain popularity with Agents, it has also caught the attention of the industry leaders. Earlier this year, at NAR in San Francisco, we gave RE Technology an inside look at BOOST as it was preparing for the final stages of release. Since then, the product has been continuously fine tuned and improved upon to provide the best results and experience for the Agents.

This week, RE Technology released their review of BOOST and how it has fared since the preview in San Francisco. Click the button below to read the full article and learn about the new standard in automated digital advertising.

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