Property Panorama Digital Marketing: A Navica Member Benefit

For many MLSs and Vendors, new integrations can be strenuous. Since partnering in 2015, Navica and Property Panorama have made difficult integrations a thing of the past.

This morning, Property Panorama completed the launch of InstaView Virtual Tours and Digital Marketing in Lakeway Area Association of REALTORS, Bee County Board of REALTORS, Pike County Real Estate Association, INC, and Permian Basin Board of REALTORS, the latter being the 81st MLS to launch InstaView through the Navica platform and the 231st MLS overall.

The Navica system is not only well designed and intuitive to work with, but their team’s availability and willingness to collaborate throughout the course of the partnership has made doing business together a pleasure and increasingly beneficial for the Agents that ultimately receive the advantage of the InstaView Digital Marketing Suite.

Although it is far from the largest coordinated launch between Property Panorama and Navica, the 4 MLSs adding InstaView this morning represents only a few short weeks of work, a testament to the strength of the relationship, teams, and software behind the scenes.

While InstaView has paved the way for Real Estate Agents to market themselves and their properties around the country, it is important to remember that these Property Panorama integrations also include the latest product, BOOST Digital Advertising. Quickly becoming a leading platform in the industry, BOOST gives Agents the ability to advertise their business and listings across the web on the most popular websites including Facebook and other social media networks with ease!

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Want InstaView for Your Membership?

InstaView is a fully automated digital marketing platform that can be integrated in your MLS in under 30 days at NO COST! That’s right, regardless of your MLS Platform and in less than a month, all of your members can receive a free benefit that will start producing results immediately!

Contact our team today to take the first step towards your next member benefit.

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