Building your Brand and Finding New Clients

3 Essential Tips for Building Your Personal Real Estate Brand

1.) Think About Your Unique Value

2.) Create your Brand

3.) Make It a No Brainer for Clients to Want to Work With You


Establishing yourself as a serious real estate professional takes more than just learning how to sell homes. Most agents that are just starting out can get caught up in the many small details of selling homes and will, as a result, neglect one of the most important parts of growing your personal real estate business – marketing.

There are critical branding and marketing aspects that separate the good agents from the greats. Real estate is one of the most highly entrepreneurial fields out there and requires a smart approach and utilization of the most cutting-edge tools available. You want to make clients have no choice but to remember you and your services.

Here are three ways you can establish a powerful brand and keep clients coming using the most useful digital tools available today:

  1. Think About Your Unique Value

Just because you are a real estate agent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize technology. There are plenty of tools out there that you can use to help propel yourself from a grassroots agent to an established professional in no time. Even as a new agent, you have something special to offer your customers. Figure out what that is and go for it.

2. Create Your Brand

Once you have figured out the value that will separate you from the competition, the next step in building your personal real estate brand. Your brand will influence how people will interpret who you are and what you bring to the table. The key is to make sure it reflects the values you have determined are important to you—and that it will speak to your target audience. Creating a website, a brand name, and professional marketing materials can help illustrate who you are and what you are all about to your target audience. In addition, using tools that cut costs and help you get more done for less money will help you save valuable time and money where it counts.

3. Make It a No Brainer for Clients to Want to Work With You

With the digital tools available today and the remote work revolution in full swing, there has never been a better opportunity to establish a digital identity and a strong online presence that keeps new clients coming through the funnel. Tools such as BOOST (link) can help agents create customizable marketing strategies and virtual tours that make it easy to build your personal brand and sell houses.

BOOST automatically generates ad campaigns for your target audience immediately after your MLS listings are created and offers smart targeting, automatic ad generation, and much more. As a new agent, tools such as BOOST that help you to easily generate ad campaigns and establish a brand at a fraction of the typical price are invaluable to your success.

Work Smarter – Not Harder Using modern automation tools such as BOOST allows agents of any experience level to create a visual representation of their brand and create unmistakable value. Using these tools to their fullest makes it easy for clients to get the assistance and virtual services they need.

Offering unique value to clients is how you will be able to separate yourself from other agents in your area. Using tools such as BOOST, you will be able to get twice the work done as other agents at a fraction of the time and money required to do so.

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