Creating a Budget for Digital Advertising

Everyone understands the proven value of digital advertising for spreading brand awareness and boosting future sales numbers. Tactics such as email marketing, social media, and website campaigns are essential to a business’s growth and success in the long run.

That being said, executing an effective digital advertising strategy at a realistic cost while still getting a decent ROI is no easy task. With such a competitive landscape in the digital marketing space, marketers have the steep challenge of stretching their budget to satisfy the insatiable appetite of consumers.

So how can you create a digital advertising budget that gives your strategy the best chance at success? For real estate agents, there are some strategies and modern marketing tools that can help ensure your listing gets the exposure it deserves at a fraction of the typical cost. First, let’s take a look at the typical suggested budgets for the following listing sizes:

The following table illustrates the minimum campaign lengths that we recommend based on the listing price.

These suggested numbers are an easy way to measure how much you should expect to pay in order to achieve good results from your digital advertising campaign using common marketing tactics. While these numbers are the typical amount you will see for each size listing, new and modern tools such as BOOST can help to execute beautifully branded campaigns for pennies on the dollar.

Digital Advertising Budgets with BOOST

Running campaigns through the BOOST tool for as little as $150 a month can ensure that your listings are shown to likely buyers and sellers 25,000 times for a cost of just $.006 per view. Not only that, but this tool allows you to execute branded campaigns in just a few clicks. This is just the starting point as far as designing a budget goes with BOOST, but, as you can tell, using it can cut down your budget by a significant margin. Tools such as this can help to give agents a way to consolidate their marketing efforts into one powerful package without sacrificing any of the results you would expect at the costs listed above.

In today’s day and age, utilizing platforms that can help you get great results from your advertising campaigns while cutting your workload (and budget) is essential to success. With tools such as BOOST, you can ensure that your listings are being shown to a wide range of people at a fraction of the cost of executing similar-sized campaigns on your own. If you are designing your budget for a digital advertising campaign and are looking to cut down on your budget without sacrificing results, look no further than BOOST.

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