The Tortoise and the Hare of Lead Generation

The Issue with the Hare

When you get a new listing that you’re excited about. Your first instinct might be to head right to your current marketing initiatives and step up the spend and exposure. You’ve got an ideal house and are excited to start showing it right away. Sure, the spend is a bit more expensive on a tight time crunch but for this hot listing, it’s worth it.

Say it goes well. Your increased ad spend helps you sell it quickly and you’re on to business as usual. Until you get another great listing. Again, you want to move it quickly, and again you’re faced with higher prices to get word out. Now you find yourself stuck in a cycle of only being reactive in your lead generation instead of proactive.

How to set Yourself up for Longterm Lead Generation Success

Stepping up your budget when you’ve got a few great listings might seem like the smart thing to do. Certainly, it can be the best move in some situations. But a constant cycle of only taking an interest in lead generation when a need arises is doing yourself and your potential customers a disservice.

You can’t predict what properties you might get, but you can consistently market yourself and your services so that way when someone is in the market for a REALTOR they can trust, they’ll already have you top of mind. Buying or selling a house is no snap decision and your lead generation should reflect the careful thought and planning that goes into it.

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Why it Makes Budget Sense

Beyond advertising proactively to make sure you already have a good audience reach when you do get those great listings, playing the long game in advertising also helps you get the most out of your advertising budget.

PPL campaigns (Pay Per Lead), the sort you’d be most likely to utilize to quickly draw-in prospects for a new listing are expensive. If you use all of your ad spend in this way, your reach will be limited by what you can afford.

However, if you’ve been utilizing other advertising practices to draw in audiences over time- like retargeting campaigns and search retargeting – you already have a built up audience base to target with the new listing. You can still jump on the new listing opportunity, but now the audience that has already interacted with you in some way can be served the ads with your new listing at a fraction of the cost. Timely, but also budget friendly.

How Can We Help?

Without drowning you in the details, BOOST provides the vehicle to accomplish all of this. With customized Agent Campaigns, you can keep your business fresh in consumers’ minds year round, building a new client base as you go. Once you have a listing in hand, BOOST Listing Campaigns are ready and waiting to drive eyes to your property on demand.

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