Repetition in Digital Advertising = Leads

Why is Repetition Important?

No matter how brilliant the targeting of a digital advertising campaign is, you will get some audience members that aren’t ready to take immediate action the moment they see your ad. Perhaps they’re early in the process of buying or trying to find a real estate agent to work with. Or maybe they don’t even know the first time they see your ad that they’ll be looking for your services soon. However, now that they’ve been exposed to your brand and messaging, when they are ready to move forward, your name will be one of the first that comes to mind.

Part of it is psychology. You have probably experienced ‘The Recency Effect’ dozens of times without knowing it by name. When memorizing a grocery list, you’re more likely to remember the items towards the bottom of the list, the ones you wrote down or thought of most recently. Carrying this over to Real Estate, a member of your target audience who has been served with ads for multiple Agents is more likely to remember the ad they saw most recently. If your competition hasn’t fully embraced the power of repetition in digital advertising, but you have, you will have higher chances of being that recent ad that a client recalls.

Beyond that, it is well known that repetition helps information stick in people’s minds. There’s the common trick of repeating a name multiple times in your head when meeting someone new. Flashcards are a very popular and common method for studying. Actors read through their lines multiple times to memorize their dialogue. Digital advertising is no different.

The first time your ad is served to someone, maybe they’re distracted and don’t even register what they’re seeing. The next, perhaps they scroll past it with just a cursory glance. But by the third or fourth time they’re seeing it, it’s now triggering that vague sense of familiarity that makes someone stop and pay attention. They look at it and read it, but continue on because they don’t have a need at that exact moment.

A few weeks or months later when a life change is on the horizon and they need an agent, they recall the ad. Your name was front and center in the ad and now they remember it. They look you up and reach out to set up an appointment, all because they saw your ads frequently enough that they remembered you.

With digital advertising, your goal is simple: ensure you are top of mind when a potential client is ready to begin the property buying or selling process. One of the most popular ideas in advertising is the belief that it takes seeing a message 7 times before a client will take action. By using BOOST for your digital advertising, you can effectively use repetition in your campaign and maintain recency with your audience to bring in more leads.

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