New Websites For Everyone!

Property Panorama Launches Agent Profiles For Over 500K Real Estate Agents

With over 240 MLS and Association partnerships, Property Panorama’s core product InstaView has, for years, been a leader in the Real Estate digital marketing space. However, during that time, InstaView primarily focused on marketing listings. Over the past year, Property Panorama set out to change that.

This week, Property Panorama officially launched the all new Agent Profiles for their entire membership. More than 500,000 active Agents now have access to fully automated, up-to-date Agent websites that can be completely customized and tailored to match their brand and fit their needs.

As is the case with all Property Panorama products, the (poorly kept) secret lies in the automation. Simply put, modern Agents are busy. With the speed that the market is moving and evolving, most Agents don’t have the time or desire to spend hours on their marketing, and they shouldn’t have to! Like InstaView, Agent Profiles solve that problem.

How It Works

While Agent Profiles are available for all Agents, new and old, it is best explained starting from square one, when an Agent joins an MLS.

Within one hour of setting up an account within an MLS that Property Panorama partners with, an Agent Profile is automatically created for the Agent. Out of the box, the profile will be automatically populated with their name, contact information, Office information, profile picture, and company logo. Agents with listings will also see all of their properties included, but more about that later. For Agents within many of the national brokerages, they will also be happy to find that the color scheme has automatically been set to match their brand.

Once created, the Agent has access to all of the Agent Profile features that can help take their marketing to the next level.

  • Integrated Lead Capture and Sharing
  • Fully Customize Colors and Branding
  • Multiple Fully Responsive Templates to Match Their Vision
  • Multi-Page Design to Highlight the Agent and Their Listings
  • Add Their Own Biography and Testimonials
  • Link Additional Websites and Media
  • Links to Their Social Media Accounts
  • Custom-Branded URLS That Can Be Easily Shared with the World!

What About My Listings? What if I Don’t Have Any?

While Agent Profiles are designed to highlight the Agent, no website would be complete without the properties they are selling. Agent Profiles utilize a multi-page layout that will display all of the Agent’s active listings, while also highlighting their latest properties.

No listings? NO PROBLEM! For those who are new to the industry, exclusively Buyers Agent’s, or simply sold off their inventory, the Agent Profile is designed to look just as stunning when focused solely on the Agent. Listing inventory sections and pages will automatically be hidden when listings are no longer available and will return as soon as a new one is entered into the MLS. Again, automation is key! Anytime a change is made in the MLS, whether it be to a listing or Agent information, the profile will automatically be updated within the hour. 100% hands free!

How Do I Access My Profile?

While most Property Panorama members received an email notification this week, you can always access your profile quickly from your Property Panorama Members Area. All you need to do is log in to Property Panorama from your MLS homepage and click MY AGENT PROFILE in the left hand navigation. It’s that easy!

Learn More

If you have any questions about Agent Profile, InstaView, or any of the Property Panorama products, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team or click the image below to see the introduction video for the all new Agent Profile!

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