Why You Still Need Advertising During a Sellers Market

It’s no secret that sellers are enjoying some of the best housing market conditions in years. In news outlets across the country, stories about homes selling days, even hours after listing are common. While the sellers are riding high, so too are their real estate agents helping them navigate the process. But as with all hot markets, eventually they cool and settle. When this happens, you want to be sure you’ve taken advantage of the current situation to set yourself up for long term success.

With homes sometimes selling faster than you’re able to get advertising out there, it’s fair to wonder what’s the point in continuing to launch advertising campaigns. Even if a property sells quickly, advertising “Just Sold” campaigns in the neighborhood is essential to your future business. Others in the area, who have been contemplating testing their luck in the market, may see a comparable house just sold and be inspired to reach out to you.

Someone might see your “Just Sold” ad but isn’t quite ready to sell right now. Once the market settles and they are ready, they’ll remember seeing your name and that you recently sold a home in their neighborhood. By continuing to advertise and grow your reputation as a trusted and effective real estate agent, you’ll already be steps ahead of your competition.

It is easy to let advertising take a back seat while you’re busy with new listings and showings. But if the market settles and selling isn’t happening at such a frenzied pace, you’ll want to be sure you had the foresight to build your customer base during this time. There’s a chance your competition won’t be doing the same and their gap in advertising could be yours to benefit from.

BOOST makes it easy to support your advertising efforts so you don’t have to utilize too many resources to edit your ads. If you start advertising a property as “Just Listed” you can automatically change it to “Just Sold” for no additional cost. No need to rebuild campaigns from scratch and reset all of your parameters. A simple wording change on your ad and you’re now sharing the message that you’re the “go to” real estate agent in that neighborhood.

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