Make Your Best Impression with your Primary Picture Choice

Make Your First Impression a Memorable One with

the Right Primary Photo

Why picture order matters

You’ve got a new listing and already spent the time meticulously taking multiple photos to show off all the best features. All that’s left to do is upload the photos and property information in the MLS, and you’re ready to go. Once you get to this stage, it might be tempting to go through the motions. Fill out the information, upload the batch of pictures you took, and then call it a day and have the listing go live. However, if you’re not mindful of the order in which you upload pictures or which you designate as your primary picture, you’ll be missing out on making a meaningful first impression.

The first picture you upload into the MLS is typically designated as your primary picture. This picture is what will be used on all third party sites that your listing may appear and will be the first picture people will see of your property. If you’re uploading the whole batch of pictures you took and aren’t paying attention, you could easily upload a rather underwhelming picture, and don’t worry, it happens to everyone. First impressions matter, so you want to be sure that the very first picture you upload is the most striking image of your property that will entice viewers to click to learn more.

But if you do forget, you can change your primary picture

Mistakes happen and sometimes we forget all the steps involved in making a listing as presentable as possible. Thankfully, if you forget and upload your images in no particular order, you can still go in and designate the best image as your primary. If you forget both of these options, then your listing could be presented with a plain image of a closet or worse. Your primary pictures matter because you don’t want your seller or potential buyers wondering “Why did this Realtor pick a toilet as the first picture we see?”

It’s all about the little details, and BOOST wants to empower you to make sure you are always making the best first impression for your properties. The BOOST system defaults to the primary picture, just like other third party sites. It might seem like a simple thing, but uploading your best picture first or remembering to select the best primary picture impacts your business. Your ads and listings will have more visual appeal to audiences and encourage them to further investigate the listing and learn more about what the property has to offer.

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