You’re Advertising Yourself – Not Just Your Listings

Advertising your properties is likely at the forefront of your mind when coming up with an overall marketing strategy for yourself. Advertising is a strong tool to use for getting interested clients to see your listings and help you book showings and drive attendance to open houses, but it can be useful for more than that.

Beyond the exact listing you’re promoting, you are also promoting yourself as a REALTOR. The way you advertise your listing and the details you put into it are making impressions on audiences that have nothing to do with the specific property itself.

From the first time someone is exposed to one of your ads, they begin to form impressions of the listing and of you. If you have a curated primary picture that shows off a really flattering angle of your listing, then that will show to both prospective buyers and sellers you pay attention to details. Once they go further into the listing through the ad, they can see more of your work. How well you take pictures and how in-depth your descriptions go, are both things someone may look for to see how detail-oriented you are.

The number and variety of your listings can also help you build your brand. The more listings someone sees, the more likely they are to think you’re someone who is fast and efficient at handling properties. As discussed in a previous article, you can utilize switching a properties description from “Just Listed” to “Just Sold” with BOOST’s platform. Audiences that have been paying attention will see how quickly something sold, and that you are actively closing deals.

If you only advertise one particular sort of listing, then that can start to brand you as an expert of that property type, and when someone has that need, they’ll be reminded and reach out to you first. Similar effects can be had from listings in one particular area or neighborhood.

While it is absolutely critical to advertise your listings, you’re also building your own personal brand as a Realtor. If you feel like you need to grow your brand specifically, don’t forget you can use Agent BOOST to explicitly promote yourself and your business.

Click the images below to learn more about how BOOST can promote you and your listings.

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