Selling Season is Ending, but Don’t Stop Advertising

With the dropping of temperatures comes a yearly slow down on selling. Hopefully you’ve benefited from the frenzy of the spring and summer seasons and might get to enjoy a bit of a break during the offseason. However, just because things are slowing doesn’t mean you should give up on your advertising strategies. Don’t go into hibernation this offseason but instead, shift your focus onto branding campaigns to keep yourself relevant.

An offseason doesn’t mean there will be no new opportunities of course, so be sure to keep up with advertising the listings you do get. Continue to use BOOST to optimize your advertising strategy. Your competition may be reigning in some of their efforts and that is all the more reason for you to continue yours. If you’re the only one in an area advertising listings, you’re more likely to pull in the limited business to your competition’s detriment.

We’ve discussed before how your ads don’t promote just your properties, but they also promote you. If you do find yourself limited in listings, then pivot your strategy to advertise you and your services instead. Maybe someone won’t be selling a property right now, but if they are considering it for next spring or summer, chances are they’ve begun to do their preliminary research. Make sure your name is one of the first they see as they begin their search with BOOST’s branding campaigns.

It may feel silly to promote yourself when you have few or no active listings, but it will pay off once the listings start to come your way again. Come time for warmer weather and the selling season to start picking up steam, you’ll already be well on your way to having another successful year.

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