Take Advantage of the Holiday Season – Increase Your Facebook Advertising

We know consumers flock to the web and Facebook to find holiday deals – take advantage and promote your business with digital advertising from BOOST.

8 in 10 holiday shoppers report being influenced by the internet before making a purchase. That influential power can come from many sources, including looking at sales, checking inventory at local stores, and seeing Facebook ads for discounts and promotions. Many retailers will increase their social media budgets during the holiday season, and that is exactly why you should as well.

Holiday shoppers are always looking for a good deal, faster shipping, or guaranteed stock. With so much time being spent on their phones, they are being exposed to a multitude of advertisements, and inevitably while standing in long lines, chances are their attention will slip to Facebook.

One-third of shoppers report holiday purchases were driven by promotions, promotions that they will have learned of through Facebook or shared on the platform by friends or family. Since these customers are already there, whether to bargain hunt or pass the time, take advantage of the higher holiday traffic and increase your advertising, as well.

Buying or selling a property may not be the thought at the forefront of their minds, but if they’re even considering a move, seeing your ad will stick in their mind. Capitalize on the holiday vibe with cozy imagery and descriptions that invoke a sense of home and family. Others may not think it worth it to compete with holiday ads so your advertising will stick out even more against fewer competitors.

The holidays don’t necessarily mean no one is in the market, but it could mean their timelines are truncated or the reasons are urgent, making your well-placed ads all the more relevant to those who need to see them. By trusting BOOST to manage your advertising, you can be certain your ads are being seen by the holiday shopping mass and getting in front of the clients who need your services most.

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