Offseason Marketing – Online & Social Repetition = Leads

Don’t Slow Down in the Offseason

Draw in Leads With Continued Marketing

Why Market During the Offseason?

Hopefully you’ve been riding the red hot market this past year. Maybe you’re thinking of dialing back your efforts some and enjoying a quieter few months over the holiday season. Certainly well deserved after the intensity of the last year, but while some markets are slowly cooling, it still remains more active than previous years. This means the offseason can still prove to be lucrative enough for you to maintain your online marketing efforts.

Even with fewer buyers and listings available, by continuing to market during the offseason when so many others don’t, you stand to reap the benefits. Less competition for sellers and listings means your online presence is more likely to be noticed in a less crowded field of ads.

How to Maintain Online & Social Repetition without Too Much Effort

BOOST makes it easy to continue your online marketing plan without needing to dedicate too much time to it. Even if you have closed on a listing before the campaign has completed, BOOST supports a quick and easy switch to agent ads or a ‘Just Sold’ campaign. During the offseason, these can be used to promote yourself, your expertise, and your success rather than specific listings when they are few and far between.

Don’t forget to utilize your social media channels, either. Hopefully during the busy season you were posting your success stories and building up your audience base. Now is a great time to highlight some of your best accomplishments and share testimonials from satisfied clients. By keeping active online, potential customers won’t wonder where you’ve gone when they’re ready for your services. When the offseason wanes and things start to pick back up, you’ll have benefitted from a slow but steady campaign to bring in leads, ‘boost’ your presence, and give yourself an advantage to start off a new season strong.

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