BOOST Digital Advertising: Performance

Why You Should Trust BOOST When It Comes to Promoting Your Listings

When it comes to advertising, there is a certain aspect of the ‘unknown’ that comes into play. How many people will see it? How will consumers react to the artwork? Will it increase interest? These are all questions that apply to both digital advertising and the more traditional routes, such as mailers, billboards, and print ads, and can cause some Agents to be uncertain of what to expect. While Digital Advertising is still affected by these ‘unknown’ variables, there is one key difference that separates BOOST from those physical advertising options, the data.

Let’s say you pay for the use of a billboard on the side of a local highway. Those of course take time to replace, so you are likely going to be advertising your business as a whole, instead of a specific listing of yours. In any case, you can estimate the potential reach of that billboard by having a rough idea of how much traffic the highway receives, but you can never truly know how many of those drivers took the time to read it, or even noticed it.

With BOOST, not only are your ads easily tailored to promote individual listings AND your business, but you can get real time updates on their effectiveness. This includes an up to date count of exactly how many people saw your ad on their computer, tablet, or phone screen, how many of them were intrigued enough to click the ad, and of course, how many chose to contact you directly from your landing page. On top of that, BOOST gives you the added benefit of frequency. This means that those potential clients aren’t just seeing your advertisement once and throwing it away like they may do with something like a mailer, they are seeing that ad repeatedly over time, building that trust and relationship with you subconsciously after each and every instance.

How Effective Is BOOST?

When judging the effectiveness of campaigns, the key stat to monitor is the click through rate, or CTR. This number represents the percentage of consumers who clicked your ad after it appeared on their screen. Backed by years of industry experience in both advertising and Real Estate, BOOST’s targeting algorithms have led to an all time CTR of 0.64%, exceeding the national average of 0.15% by more than 4X! For those of you focused on social media, on Facebook alone, the BOOST Ad CTR jumps all the way up to 2.21%.

Percentages are the best way to rationalize these large datasets, but translating this to real numbers, BOOST Digital Advertising Campaigns have now been viewed 66,792,220 times, generating 424,789 unique clicks from consumers. In the past 30 days alone, BOOST Ads have received 4,472,702 views and 28,591 clicks, maintaining that same industry leading CTR. Last month on Facebook, BOOST received 484,975 impressions and 15,514 clicks for an astounding 3.20% CTR!

Knowing how digital advertising works and how well BOOST performs should leave only one question… When are you starting your next campaign?

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