Give Your Brokerage Agents the Tools They Need to Succeed with BOOST Enterprise Packages

The importance of giving marketing tools to your entire brokerage

It’s great when one member of your team is doing well, but when all members of your team are doing well, it uplifts the group as a whole, and you as the Broker stand to benefit. Agents may be set with how they market and promote themselves, but as the Broker, you can expand their options and bring new assets to the group that will benefit everyone.

BOOST Enterprise packages allow you to enable yourAgents to build and execute their own marketing campaigns without adding more work onto your plate. BOOST’s self-service design makes it easy for agents to create digital ads that can be easily altered and updated using prebuilt templates that take the guesswork out of design. Even during a slow season, agents can use the platform to promote themselves instead of specific properties, building up their potential customer base.

If your agents have your brokerage logo or name on their ads, audiences in your local areas will begin to recognize the name. With BOOST, this is done automatically. To further benefit you and your team, BOOST’s ads can be easily switched from promoting a listing, to advertising it as just sold in just seconds. As more of your agents utilize the platform and use the “just sold” templates to promote their success, audiences will tie your brokerage name to the quality of properties being sold. It’s easy to see how this will benefit you, as well as your entire team, as they become tied to the good and growing reputation of your brokerage.

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