Retargeting: Pull Customers Back in Until They Find Their Perfect Property 

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a tactic in digital advertising. Generally paired with others, like behavioral targeting, retargeting aims to keep your brand top of mind and keep interested prospects engaged. An interested person clicks on an ad promoting one of your properties and goes to view the entire listing. They peruse, but find something in the listing that isn’t quite what they’re looking for or maybe just run out of time and navigate away from the page without taking any action.

Retargeting comes into play in cases like these. They have taken the first step of interacting with your listing, and because of that, they are now a part of the retargeting audience. From this point forward, they will now be getting additional ads for you and your listing. While they may not have had enough time or interest initially, your ads will bring them back to your page, your listing, and hopefully inspire them to take a more in depth look at your listings.

Industries that involve products that are highly customized and specific – like homes, commercial properties, and cars – can greatly benefit from retargeting. Some potential customers may click out of curiosity, see not exactly what they’re looking for, and move on without another thought. But with retargeting, you can keep your name and services top of mind as you gain new listings. Audiences who are looking for their perfect fit will continue clicking, or even better, look through all of your listings once on your landing page.

While customers may not see something they like on the first one or two visits, with each visit you are making a stronger impression on them and building rapport. Audiences will see your listings update and rotate in and out, learning to view you as an effective Agent. Through this trust and growing reputation, even if they don’t see something already listed, they may still reach out to make a connection with you.

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