Use BOOST as a Virtual Open House and Achieve 24/7 Availability

Hosting open houses can be a lot of work

Scheduling and hosting open houses can cause a lot of stress. Not just for you, who has to coordinate, field questions, and host, but also for your clients if they are actively residing in the property in question. Between conflicting schedules, unpredictable weather, and health concerns stemming from the on-going pandemic, coordinating these events can require extensive work that may not be ideal for you to reach your largest pool of interested buyers.

A virtual open house can alleviate some of that stress

With BOOST and Instaview, you can create a virtual open house that is available to interested parties 24/7. Not only will a virtual open house remove some of the stress of selling a property for both you and the current owners, it will help potential buyers as well. Between work, school, and errands, clearing time to attend an in-person open house can be equally stressful on interested customers. Open houses can also create some obstacles if too many interested parties show up at once and there isn’t enough time to address all questions. It could leave buyers feeling frustrated or unheard, resulting in them moving on to listings with other viewing options.

With BOOST and Instaview you can present a carefully constructed open house that allows prospective buyers to virtually walk through the property from the comfort of their own homes. With compelling pictures and a well-organized Instaview tour, you can invite a larger audience inside the property. The Instaview tour will give a clear enough idea of the property that buyers will be able to determine if they are interested enough to reach out for next steps or not. Once they have seen enough to know if it is worth pursuing, they can easily request more information or a private showing from you at a time that is convenient for you both.

Buyers and sellers alike will appreciate your innovative methods to reach larger audiences and, of course, sell a listing faster.

Contact our team today or log in to your Property Panorama account to get started on your next Virtual Open House!

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