Get in Front of Your Desired Audience With Intelligent Advertising

What’s easy isn’t always what’s most effective

That isn’t to say using tried and true methods isn’t smart, or that it has never produced results. Rather, by intelligent in this context we mean the ability to incorporate behavioral tactics into your strategy.

A poster or sign will reach audiences and allow you to showcase the best features of a property. But depending on where it’s posted, how durable it is, and other factors, it may not get the opportunity to be seen by a large audience or the right audience. With a broad marketing approach more eyes might see it, but there is no way to ensure that interested parties are the ones viewing it. With signs and posters there is also the chance someone may see it, be interested, but forget to copy down the information to reach out when they’re able to.

Instead, by shifting your strategy from ways that do not incorporate behavioral tactics to those that do, such as online ads, you will be able to more accurately get your listings in front of the right audience.

More effective doesn’t have to mean more complicated

If you haven’t used behavioral tactics in your advertising strategy before, it might be challenging to know where to start. Luckily, BOOST makes it simple and easy to design online ad campaigns that incorporate behavioral targeting. To help you best reach the audience that will be most interested in your listings, BOOST gives you a step by step system to consider who your target audience is and tailor your advertising campaign to reach them. With behavior-centric online ads, you’re also able to reach the same interested parties through multiple touches.

And unlike a poster or flyer, instead of needing to copy down contact information or take a picture to remember to take action later, those barriers are removed. All someone needs to do is click the ad to be given an easy opportunity to inquire about the property leading to more generated, trackable interest.

Switching strategies can bring up questions of whether a new approach will work better or if it is worth the effort to invest in. BOOST campaigns are designed to be budget friendly so if you’d like to compare and contrast strategies to see what works best for you, you’re able to without needing to worry about losing money in the process. Make the most of your advertising strategy and incorporate behavioral tactics to reach your desired audience.

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