Use Digital Advertising to Recruit for Your Brokerage

By now you know the importance of using digital advertising to help your agents excel in their business. Digital advertising through BOOST allows your agents to reach targeted audiences, effectively promote their listings, and offer virtual open houses at any time.

What if I told you that, as a Broker, digital advertising can be used in the same manner to easily reach new Agents and grow your business?

Real estate agents are always aware of their competition and, because of their own internet activity, they are likely to see the ads displayed by others. By seeing ads for agents associated with your brokerage, other agents will see that your group supports talent and provides them with the tools and technology they need to succeed. This creates the reputation that your brokerage is a great one to be a part of.

When you are looking to expand and acquire new talent, you can utilize that positive reputation. Since likely candidates already spend their time visiting real estate affiliated sites, you can use that to your benefit to build a targeted audience. Just as your current agents use targeting to draw in the right buyers and sellers based on geography, online behavior, and other factors, you can use the same logic to target who you think might be a good fit at your brokerage.

Just through being exposed to the ads of your current team, new Agents will begin to recognize the presence your brokerage has in the market, further establishing your brand with each impression. To better your chances of successful recruiting, make sure the landing page you take them to has all the important information that new Agents need to see. This includes key data points, benefits you provide, and of course, an easy way to contact your team more information, or to apply.

For more information on the benefits of adding BOOST to your Brokerage, contact us today!

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