Spring is Coming – Prepare Now to Stand Out From Your Competition

How to set yourself apart from your competitors

As the temperatures rise and the snow starts to melt, the real estate markets will begin heating up as well. Take this last bit of down time to evaluate your advertising approaches and brush off the dust from your digital strategies.

You and your competition know of the tried and true methods to get listings in front of prospective customers. Circulars. Flyers. Social media. These are all methods that are well known, well used, and very common. They can work well, but since they are so common and widely used they don’t create anything that separates you from your competition. That’s not to say you should stop using them, but you should continue to diversify your advertising playbook and continue to invest in digital advertising.

Your competition might be content to stick with their methods and not want to be bothered with learning a new way to reach customers. Their narrow focus is to your benefit if they’re not promoting themselves and their listings through digital advertising. Competing ads might be placed right next to each other in a circular or flyers placed over each other in public spaces.

In a less crowded digital field you and your listings will stand out more. With fewer real estate agents having an online digital presence, you’re likely to draw in a bigger share of the crowd. Beyond that, you stand to benefit from the enhancements that digital advertising can provide that other methods of advertising can’t. Imagine quality, for example, on printed materials can suffer whereas digital images are generally higher resolution and you can include more images to capture a prospective buyer’s interest.

Character space is limited in other media, but digital advertising takes an interested party to a carefully built landing page with in-depth details on a listing, a virtual tour, and thoughtfully posed photographs. Your audience will have more information easily available to them, along with the ability to instantly reach out to you via email for more information. Interested buyers also benefit from having a page to easily bookmark and revisit later, instead of having to remember where they saw the ad to pull the contact information from.

By continuing to use BOOST as your spring season heats up, you’re setting yourself apart from your competition and making the buying process easier for your potential customers!

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