Should You Use Instagram Ads For Real Estate?

Different social platforms help you reach different audiences

Social media marketing is a powerful tool you should be using to promote yourself and the listings you are trying to move. With so many social media platforms that have different niche uses and audiences, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start and whether one platform is better than another.

However, you shouldn’t let the number of choices corner you into using just one platform. While one is absolutely better than none when it comes to your social media marketing strategy, diversifying your toolset will only help you.

Why you should be advertising on Instagram

If you’re already using another social media platform – like the reigning most-popular platform Facebook – you might wonder what benefit there is to investing in another. You want to spend your time with clients and posting your listings, not fussing with the ads on a social media platform, let alone multiple platforms.

Instagram’s audience has some overlap with Facebook, this is true, however the audience overall is different than other platforms. Especially when it comes to age demographics, this is where the two platforms vary greatly. Instagram holds a strong following with the Millennial and Generation Z audiences, who have migrated away from more traditional social media platforms like Facebook.

It is so critical to capture these audiences in your advertising because many are either at, or just about to, the stage of beginning to look for their first home. For any first time buyer, the whole process can be daunting. Since Instagram is such a highly visual platform to begin with, these audiences seeing pictures of cozy cottages and sleek condos in ads can help them start to picture themselves as home-owners. And with your name associated with those ideal homes, they’ll remember that you are an agent they want to reach out to.

Beyond these younger generations with growing buying power, audiences are shifting across social media platforms regularly. As Facebook changes algorithms and rebrands itself as Meta, it is encouraging users to branch out and explore other platforms to ensure their social media experience is how they want it.

While it is unlikely Facebook will go the way of Myspace anytime soon, by diversifying the platforms in your social media marketing strategy, you’ll be setting yourself up to adjust well to any changes in popularity over time while also capturing a larger audience right now.

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