Facebook: To Boost Or Not To Boost

What does boosting a post do?

Not to be confused with the BOOST product from Property Panorama, Facebook offers a feature that allows users to “boost” or “promote” their posts. You can boost any post you create, and with a few clicks and a little money spent, you can use Facebook’s feature to have your post seen by those who wouldn’t come across it organically.

As Facebook continues to change their algorithms, it is becoming harder for your desired audiences to see your posts. Even those who have already liked your page may miss out on new content you share. By promoting a post, you’re helping to make sure your followers see it. More than that, you’re also promoting it so people who have not engaged with your page before have the chance to see your updates.

Since boosting/promoting a post is so easy to set up, you should definitely utilize it in a strategic way that aligns with your overall goals. This is great for content you are aiming to get more engagement with – perhaps trying to gather feedback on how your audience is feeling about the current housing market or what listings they’d most like to see you share.

If you have an announcement, like any new certifications or partnerships with local businesses, promoting the post on Facebook can help increase exposure and engagement. However, if you want to advertise to the fullest, you will want to use the full Facebook ad suite that is offered through the BOOST product from Property Panorama.

Do more with advertising on Facebook

As you get new listings you want to advertise to your target audience, you’ll want to have the support of a more robust advertising option than simply promoting a post. In comparison to promoting a post that you made on your account, BOOST creates true ads that are displayed in multiple formats within users’ news feeds and on the side bars of the facebook site, removing the restrictions associated with traditional posts. In addition to the benefits you get in formatting, true digital advertisements from BOOST deliver your content to a wider audience, while also advertising in the way you think best showcases your listing.

With BOOST, you get the power of the Facebook ad suite without the stress of navigating it. BOOST sets you up for Facebook advertising success by helping you easily build out your desired target audience, your ad design, and sends you reports so you can see how your ads are performing. By using BOOST you get the benefit of Facebook ads and the expertise of how to run them effectively.

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