Reach Broader Audiences With A Mix Of Marketing Tactics

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits all

There isn’t one proven marketing method that will work all the time, every time. The more time and energy you invest in watching how your marketing strategy performs, the greater insight you will have into what works well for you, and what doesn’t.

It can be tempting to follow the numbers, discontinuing methods that aren’t performing as well, and investing all of your marketing budget into the tactic(s) that are working the best for you. However, to entirely eliminate certain tactics could decrease your overall reach and lower your chances of getting in front of audiences that may not be exposed to your most well-performing strategy pieces.

In the current era of heightened awareness of data privacy, more people have begun to use ad-blocking software while browsing online. That could prevent them from ever seeing your ads if you’re only using display ads. Others yet swear off social media, and if you are only advertising on Facebook and Instagram, then that segment of your audience will never get the chance to see the great listings you have.

That is not to say you have to continue allocating the same amount of your budget to one method if it isn’t performing well, or even that you shouldn’t pause using a tactic if it has seen a sudden decline in performance. Shifting your budget around to give a higher priority to the things doing best is a wise idea, just don’t forget to revisit every so often to see if that reallocation is still working well for you.

You can also pause certain elements of your marketing strategy, rather than stopping them permanently. Around the holidays especially, social media can be flooded with retail ads, food ads, and travel ads. Real estate marketing might get lost in the holiday mix and it may make sense to pause if you see a holiday decline, shift your budget to a better performing tactic, and then resume your social ads once the holiday haze has settled.

Simply put, don’t put all of your marketing eggs in one basket. To benefit yourself the most, you want the right audiences to see your ads but your audiences might not all exist in the same spaces. By diversifying your marketing strategy you are making sure you don’t overlook a segment of your audience, while also protecting yourself from the ebbs and flows of what is popular at any given moment.

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