Get Big Brand Marketing On an Itty Bitty Budget with BOOST

In marketing, you want to get the most bang for your budget. However, you also want to promote yourself and your listings in a smart, efficient way that’ll make it easy to close deals and keep your business thriving.

Large marketing agencies make it easy to set-up and execute campaigns. With an arsenal of tools at their disposal, they’re able to easily set up campaigns for you and monitor the success of them. Large agencies are great, but they can have a few drawbacks, as well.

Some agencies are broad and may lack the industry-specific knowledge to really optimize your campaigns. The more specialized an agency is, the more expensive it is likely to be. Large agencies can also lead to long wait and and response times, delaying necessary ad adjustments once a listing is sold or updated.

In a market where listings are bought and sold within hours of being advertised, you don’t want to have inaccurate ads out there misinforming your audience. If someone sees a listing that you’ve already sold, but your ad is still saying “for sale”, that’s a good way to quickly lose the trust of an interested customer. Your reputation depends on accurate listings, and ads that promote those listings.

But without an agency to guide you through the process of setting up and executing ad campaigns, the process can seem daunting. Everyone likes to save a few dollars, but you don’t want to be so budget-conscious that you end up with poorly designed ads or targeting.

What’s the Solution?

With BOOST, you get access to all of the tools you would get from working with a large marketing agency, at a fraction of the cost. Specifically designed to take the challenge out of setting up and executing your own campaigns, BOOST has an easy-to-use interface that guides you through the process one step at a time.

BOOST and BOOST+ put control of every ad campaign in your hands so you never have to wait for a response from a third party. As a listing is sold, BOOST lets you easily switch your messaging from “for sale” to “just sold” – showing potential customers your ability to move properties. BOOST has pre-designed layouts for you to use and allows you to edit them to your liking, without the need for graphic design experience.

Don’t sink money into a large marketing agency when BOOST gives you the tools you need to run your own campaigns at a fraction of the cost.

Log in to your Property Panorama account today to start your next digital ad campaign.

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