BOOST Your Facebook Ad Frequency to Increase Clicks

The frequency of your ads on Facebook is related to how they perform. By increasing the frequency, you’re also increasing your results. It’s not that Facebook shows your ad in different ways that resonate more with an audience, but rather the more someone is exposed to your ad, the more likely they are to click on it.

The reason for this can be explained by psychology, namely the Mere Exposure Effect. The theory states that people tend to prefer things and people that they are more familiar with than others. The more often your ad is shown in a user’s Facebook feed, their exposure increases and they start to become more comfortable with your name, your listing, and the idea of researching more.

With the increased exposure to your ads, the more likely someone is to click on one to be sent to the listing. Plenty of people are wary of clicking on ads for brands that aren’t familiar. In today’s world of hesitation over clicking unknown links, it’s logical, and all the more reason to take advantage of becoming familiar to your audience.

Not only are you using psychology to your benefit, you’re also showing yourself as a trustworthy advertiser. Facebook, along with other social media platforms, work hard to catch malicious links and ads that have bad intent. No social media platform wants the reputation of allowing users to be exposed to advertisers with ulterior motives. If someone sees your ad multiple times, it’s not only priming them to click, it is also telling them Facebook hasn’t flagged your ads as ones to be worried about. Your increased frequency is boosting your visibility and your credibility, both leading to better results for you.