The Real Estate Market Might be Changing, but Your Advertising Should Stay Consistent

Even if the weather is cooling, your advertising shouldn’t

It’s well known that real estate slows down in the colder months. Moving during the holidays and inclement weather is no fun, so fewer people are likely to be planning to make a purchase during this time of year. But just because fewer people are actively buying, doesn’t mean you should consider this a hard stop on all your efforts.

The offseason can be your best time to build your reputation and create awareness in your market. Whether buying or selling, the search for an agent that someone can trust is always the critical first step in the process. It’s something that takes time, so even before someone is ready to take action, chances are they’re doing their research. You want to be sure you’re putting yourself on the radar of as many clients as possible during the offseason to set yourself up for as much success as possible once the market starts to heat up again.

BOOST makes it easy with Agent Campaigns

It might be strange to pivot from advertising your listings, to advertising yourself, but BOOST makes it easy. If you’re used to their easy-to-use platform for your listings, you’ll have no problem shifting to start promoting yourself. Instead of selecting advertising for a listing, you’ll just need to select “Agent Campaign” and follow the usual process.

This offseason is your time to brag about yourself, your skills, and your resources. Be sure not to sell yourself short of what you’ve accomplished – especially during such a chaotic market! Consider boasting your turnaround time, any particular certifications you have, or any industry connections you might have. Anything that will help you stand out among your competition is worth highlighting.

The BOOST platform makes it easy to update and change your ads to reflect what you think buyers or sellers are looking for in an agent. If you’re not sure how to switch from listing-focused ads, to agent campaigns, be sure to reach out to your BOOST expert to help you make the most of your offseason.