Take Advantage of Full Automation

Technology has changed so much in just 10 years, and the amount of information that is transmitted from one platform to another can happen in seconds. Property Panorama receives information from your MLS, and uses that information to automatically create products to help you sell properties, and yourself. How do you take advantage of a fully automated marketing system like Property Panorama’s?

The easiest way to achieve the goal of full automation is by making sure your information is 100% up to date. Updating Your profile image and company logo within your Property Panorama account only takes a minute and can save you hours when using our suite of products.

Property Panorama updates directly from your MLS, but if you have a new/updated photo or logo, it’s a good idea to check how it looks within the system.

To learn more, checkout the short Pro Tip video link below on how you can update not only your Profile Picture and Company Logo, but all of your contact info including your office and cell phone numbers. Don’t take the chance of missing that next lead!! Update your info ASAP!!

Profile Set up video – https://www.propertypanorama.com/protips/profile-setup

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