Capturing Leads: What Makes a Website Successful

Your site isn’t just a source of information

Sure, that’s a big part of what it is, but with good content like best practices, tips, and real estate trends, you’ll pique the curiosity of your audience and get them engaged with you and your brand. However, if your site is only a source of information and doesn’t include a way for interested parties to raise their hands and say “I’m interested!”, then your digital advertising strategy won’t reach its potential.

You’ve spent time and money on a sound digital campaign to bring a target audience to your website and now you need to take the next step to find out who your consumers are and how you can help them. With digital advertising, you know clicks and impressions, but what you care most about is the information of the people who have gone to your website and want to engage further.

Without a lead capture device, potential customers will have to spend additional effort to find an email or a phone number to reach you. These hindrances lead to frustration and the possibility that they navigate away from your site, maybe to a competitor’s site instead.

Lead Generation is Key

Luckily, modifying your site to include a lead generation form of some variety is easy to do. Start with thinking about the pieces of information most important to you when prospecting new customers. There’s the basic information like name and contact details, but what about what they need help with or a possible timeline to help you prioritize leads coming in? That is all information you can include on a lead capture form to make sure you’re converting those who view your site into potential clients.

In a world where we are all inundated with calls and emails, someone might be hesitant to sign themselves up for what they think is yet another mailing list. So make it clear to them why they should give you their information. Will you reach out within 24 hours for a personalized consultation? Maybe you’ve worked with BOOST and InstaView to create marketing material and in order to read it, they’ll need to fill out the lead capture form. Whatever your approach, make sure your audience feels like they are gaining something by giving you their contact information.

The overall look of a site and the content will help your credibility, as well. Someone is far more likely to want to fill out that form if they see a well-written, professionally designed site than one that only has a lead generation form. By trusting Property Panorama and BOOST for your Digital Marketing and Advertising, you can be sure you’ll be making a good first impression and showing clients why you are the best person to help them with their next Real Estate transaction.

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