Advertise Your Listings on Instagram and Facebook with BOOST PLUS

All New BOOST Plus Adds Thousands of Views Every Week on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has found itself at the core of the lives of millions around the world. However, what was once just a way to connect and keep in touch has evolved into more than many could have ever imagined. News, entertainment, shopping, event planning, job searches, and of course, Real Estate, have all found their place in the social media landscape.

With so many consumers turning to sites like Facebook and Instagram on a daily, if not hourly, basis, it would be a mistake for your business and your listings not to be represented and have a presence on these major platforms.

To help you easily reach these digital audiences and leverage the power of the social media giants, Property Panorama has now launched BOOST PLUS.

As many of you know, BOOST is already one of the established leaders in Real Estate Digital Advertising, placing Agents and Listings on some of the top sites on the Internet and driving consumers to their webpages. While standard BOOST campaigns already include Facebook at no extra cost, BOOST+, is the natural progression of the product, allowing Agents to take their social media advertising to the next level.


New with BOOST+, and possibly the most important advancement for your digital advertising campaign, is the addition of Instagram Ads. BOOST+, now allows you to place your ads on Instagram, the #1 Social Media site for young buyers and one of the fastest growing on the planet. Adding Instagram to your campaign provides approximately 1,000 impressions each and every week, reaching interested buyers and sellers as they check their feeds and Instagram stories! #1 Social Media site for young potential buyers

BOOST+ Instagram can be added to any new campaign for only $29.99 per week!


A staple of every BOOST campaign, Facebook receives a welcome upgrade with the launch of BOOST+. Much like Instagram, Facebook Plus adds approximately 1,000 impressions every week, doubling the standard campaign reach on Facebook, the original industry giant and one of the most popular sites in the world.

BOOST+ Facebook can be added to any new campaign for only $19.99 per week!

Log in to your Property Panorama account today to BOOST your business and your listings on Facebook and Instagram immediately!

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