Stretch Your Advertising Beyond Your Local Market

Don’t neglect nurturing your local market

After years of experience, you know your local market and your target audience’s behaviors well. You have likely learned what marketing tactics work best, how to adjust your targeting parameters based on your listing, and hopefully with the help of BOOST you’ve been able to promote yourself and your services to your local audiences along the way.

With all of that knowledge and experience, your local market is still likely going to be the first priority when laying out a marketing strategy. However, you shouldn’t be so focused on your local market that you stifle your expansion beyond your usual comfort zones.

How out of town marketing can help you

As the country continues to adjust to the impacts the pandemic has had on working, commuting, and relocating, now is an especially important time to consider reaching beyond your local market. There are several studies showing moving trends out of the ordinary as families who are now able to work remotely look to leave big cities and move towards suburbs and rural areas.

On the flipside, those who struggled with isolation during the peak of lockdowns may be looking towards more populous areas to relocate. With so much shift in the way people are thinking about where they’d like to live and build a life, focusing only on your local market could be preventing you from getting your listing in front of a different group of buyers who might be the most interested.

The best way to reach out of town audiences

Big moves and relocating are common but people searching for property outside of their current local market may struggle with where to start. If you are one of the few who advertise to out of town markets, you could stand to benefit greatly in an area your competition may not even be considering. Out of town markets might not be as familiar to you, but with some research and trial and error you can push your reach and get your listings in front of more people. A larger audience, local and out of market combined, will increase your chances of closing on listings faster.

Digital advertising is an easy, low commitment way to test the waters of out of town markets. Consider the trends you’ve observed over the last few years, and any colleagues have shared with you even anecdotally. Capture the city names or zip codes that are brought up and add those into your rotation of digital advertising targeting. If you’re wary of stretching your reach, you can allocate a smaller amount of your ad spend to those farther away locations through BOOST’s platform.

Watch the performance of your ads in your out of market areas and do a few trial runs to see what works well, and where. It may be a slower process than focusing on your immediate local market, but over time as out of town audiences become familiar with you it will benefit you in the long run. All it takes is the right person remembering having seen your ad when they’re ready to take action to make the additional reach worth it.

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