The Importance Of Advertising on Instagram For Real Estate

Use a Visual Channel to Advertise Your Listings

One of the strengths Instagram has over other social media channels is the heavy visual element. Instagram is all about attractive images with short captions to tell a story. Advertising your listings fits in perfectly with this setting.

Already, Instagram is used by others to put their best moments and pictures online. Their feeds are full of vacations, delicious desserts, and cute animals that get them in the right mindset to be picturing what is possible. Scrolling through and spotting an attractive looking property, they are already primed to be curious enough to tap and view more.

How to Best Advertise Your Listings

Similar to other ways you’re advertising your listings, you want to be sure you lead with a great picture. Whether it’s the most striking feature of the property or the most unique, something that is eye-catching will get more of your audience to pause and consider whether they want to click through to see more. The longer they consider, the more likely they are to click through to learn more.

Where they go from clicking through should give them a full picture of the property and everything they want to know in one convenient location. Your Instaview tour is ideal for this. They can move about the property, take in all the features, and then have a way to easily contact you if they want to learn more.

Instead of linking to your website that you may not have had time to update with the most recent information, your Instaview tour stays up-to-date with your listing, without any additional effort from you. Your Instaview tour is already created for you based on the information you enter into the MLS, so it’s both easy and effective to promote it on Instagram. Plus, with your contact information included it gives them a way to remember your name and maybe do some research into your other listings if the one they saw isn’t exactly what they’re looking for.

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